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    Penance's 'Home'

    Penance nodded at the Salamance, "Good. I am Penance, most of the others particularly the Gold Tribe will call my Madman, that's not a title I like to use." He explained. A Sandslash in the group nodded, "That is a name the world gave to him, to give him an identity. It was a blessing and a curse in a way." The ground type finished and then just looked back at the drawing they were going over. There were many schematics of various parts of the tunnels and each had different kinds of colored lines here and there, small legends for what the colors meant, as well as numbers put into the corners of the sheets. Some sheets were kept in prime condition while others were ripped up or scratched all over no doubt to indicate a bad plan. There was the Grumpig from earlier that was currently writing out various numbers on the floor and the rest of the pokemon were an assortment of types.

    "Now, to continue where we left off, we were discussing the third tunnel. Now then, due to the placing underneath the headquarters we could potentially sneak in under them and while they are all out and about to defend Cape City. Remember, with this plan DO NOT collapse the building. If it collapses it could cause a sink hole, we need to avoid as many deaths as possible."

    An Alakazam spoke up, "Though what are the chances they keep documents in there though? It would be with Auron correct?"

    Penance smirked at that, "But he trusts his Sentinels, and with so many around there he would doubt the papers and whatever else he gives Scar would be taken so easily. Scar would make sure not to disappoint him." He regarded Accatosh, "So then, what ideas do you have Salamance? Anything with tunnels? Blowing stuff up? Anything else?"

    Penance did however pause there as he spotted Zane and the others leaving the storage area in a huff. He smiled a bit and got off of the ground, stretching just a bit. He could see the glares they gave him and as they walked by he spoke up just a bit, "Yes, leave and end up falling into a few pitfalls, perhaps cause a few poison darts to knock you out again?" He spoke with a taunt in his voice. "So either you go and get the necessary gear or you can wander out and probably not find your way back. It's so easy to get lost in the tunnels." He stated.

    Leon was already walking out and smirked at the departing group, "Ah, I guess that Gallade won't see his sister then huh? And she had been waiting so long to see him again. Oh well." The Weavile stated with a shrug.

    "And there also goes the fact that with the Ancients tromping around they'll be captured instead." A voice spoke out and from another part of the cave a Marowak walked toward the Gold Tribe. "Been a long time Zane." He stated. "How are you?"

    Penance smirked, "Anyways, you all need Leon, trust me on that, unless you have plans of your own, though if anything happens to them it's on your head Zane. Oh, I'm sure you all remember Malphus? Titled 'Bonebreaker' in his Gold Tribe days and is now reformed?" He asked them calmly.

    Rescue Group Adventure!!

    The Abra glanced at the group and sighed, letting out a whistle, "Yo, ten minutes we have! Duh! Stupid Goldies, you'll friend will die in ten minutes or perhaps an hour? No clue from on top." He said with a shrug as he skipped along ahead of them. He led them to a wall and opened it up to reveal the tunnels once more and went off to the left.


    They didn't seem them yet. They never did, and that always cost them in the end. Though one of the them just wasn't like the others... it would be a change of pace nonetheless and a chance to exercise and practice once more. The three pairs of eyes that gazed down at the church where the Sableye, Jolteon, and Ambipom were and slowly hid back into the shadows of the abandoned building. The tunnel had been collapsed already so they were stuck. They all knew that there was a chance they could die, but at the same time it was a chance to bring forth a difference. They were going to have to be careful with this, but with the right rooftop....

    The Sableye gestured to the others and climbed up the decrepit stairs, finally getting on the rooftop. The windows were smashed in and with the new elevation they had a good eye on the group of Sentinels. Well, the Ambipom could potentially not be a Sentinel, but at the same time he was with them so he was good as dead. The Sableye readied a Shadow Ball, the Toxicroak cast a glance back at his companions and for a brief moment the three seemed to share a kind of smile. He went on back down after patting the Sableye on the back and exited the bottom floor from behind the building. He was more than talented to sneak in between the shadows, passing through the crowds of refugees easily. He made his way to wall near the church and pressed his back against it while his right hand began to glow a light purple color. Finally the Ariados with the Sableye up top began to prepare her spinnerets.

    There was silence in the area, then the Sableye threw forth his Shadow Ball right at the trio, having it hit the ground before them and shooting up some dirt to hopefully blind them. The Toxicroak jumped through a window and charged right at the Ambipom with his Poison Jab ready and thrust his claw right at the Sentinel. Meanwhile the Ariados, shot out multiple Spider Webs around the area, mainly outside the church. The minute they tried to escape the Sentinels would find themselves in a VERY stick situation!