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    Hanso SharpEye
    Hanso had grabbed a few other things by the time Zane left the building in disgust. After a moment of debate, the Gallade grabbed a bundle of rope for his pack before following. As Zane began talking, Hanso cocked his head a bit. Dreams, huh? As the Keeper pointed out, such a thing could happen. Hanso was sure even he and Brynn didn't know all there was about the mind and these Psychic forces. Still, even if Leon was too cocky for his liking, he didn't see why-- Oh. Okay, yes, all these Pokemon might be killers.

    "I know what he's done, what they've all done, and I despise them for it, but I also realize that we can't free the city without their help. Whatever they did in the past, I'm willing to bury that for the moment to save Valkaria. So we'll likely end up getting back here once we secure the crystal. But I'd rather keep as little contact with them in general as possible. We don't need them to babysit us to get that crystal. I feel like this is something we should do on our own." So that was Zane's answer.

    Hanso opened his mouth to say something, but Penance spoke up. "Yes, leave and end up falling into a few pitfalls, perhaps cause a few poison darts to knock you out again?" He spoke with a taunt in his voice. "So either you go and get the necessary gear or you can wander out and probably not find your way back. It's so easy to get lost in the tunnels." He stated.

    Leon was already walking out and smirked at the departing group, "Ah, I guess that Gallade won't see his sister then huh? And she had been waiting so long to see him again. Oh well." The Weavile stated with a shrug.

    Hanso zeroed in on Leon, locking out everything Penance and the Marowak said after that. He 'ported in front of the Weavile and grabbed his shoulders in a tight grip. "Where is she?" The Gallade's voice was low at first, but it gradually grew louder as he spoke. "Where is my sister? Why is she here?"