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    Allora ~ Tunnels

    Allora listened to the two speak. It brought her comfort that the Liligant would help watch over Paladin and that he agreed to the treatment. She stood still as she reluctantly let Paladin past her. Allora could understand the undying need to rescue someone who saved one’s life. “Thank you umm….I am so sorry. I don’t know your name.” Allora smiled at the Liligant and motioned for her to follow as they spoke. Allora let out a small sigh and followed Paladin, sticking close to him. Once they were in the smaller tunnel Allora whispered softly to him. “You better get used to having a shadow because I’m not leaving your side.” She giggled and gave him a grin. Allora wanted nothing more than to speak with her brother about his condition, in hope that she knew of someone who could help him, but she knew he was right. Now wasn’t the time to talk. A life was on the line and they were going to rescue Veletra.