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    Allora ~ Tunnels

    Allora looked back and smiled at the Liligant as she introduced herself. “It is very nice to meet you Astrid. To formally introduce myself, my name is Allora; Allora Ciciro.” Allora returned her gaze to the front as she spoke so not to run into Paladin. “Honestly, I am sort of embarrassed to talk about it since the reason I found out about the Heroes Alliance School was because I was running from my own shame.” Allora let out a small sigh as the memories flooded her mind. She couldn’t hold back the smile that now graced her lips.

    “You see, I am from a well-known family of performers. My mother, father, my sister Alana, and I traveled from village to village performing different dance routines set to music. We loved to perform for others and many times we stopped by the military camps and towns to perform for the soldiers. My mother and sister were the main performers while I helped my father with the scenery and backgrounds. Well eventually I was talked into performing by the audience because of my unique coloration. So I joined my sister and mother on stage for a few performances. One day, a scout saw the show and asked if I would perform for Adam Reed’s birthday. The performance day arrived and as I was getting ready to dance the last dance, my sister tripped me and I fell off the stage. Everyone laughed at me, so I ran off to one of the main streets in Gold City. There I came across two H.A.S members, or Heroes Alliance School members, who were helping out an elderly Hitmonchan. I approached them and they told me where to go to learn about the H.A.S. I checked into it and then eventually talked my parents into letting me, and surprisingly my sister, join. I’ve always wanted to be able to help Pokemon. You see many things while traveling and many of the places we stopped at were affected by a natural disaster or some other event. It was sad to see those Pokemon left with nothing. I wanted to be able to help but I couldn’t. Now I had the power to do just that. After I graduated H.A.S I joined the Gold Tribe. Shortly after that……” Allora trailed off as her smile vanished. Her voice became quiet and gloomy.

    “Shortly after I was deployed to Cape City and my sister was sent to help aid one of the northern villages. I wasn’t there for long when news about the Silver Tribe attacking reached us. We were preparing for an attack when I found out that Alana’s troupe was annihilated and that she was among the casualties. I didn’t have time to mourn for the Silver Tribe proceeded to attack Cape City. Many from my group were slaughtered……I would’ve been among the casualties if it wasn’t for my slim frame. I lucked out and managed to blind them long enough for me to slip down one of the sewer openings…….I’ve been looking for others from the Gold Tribe since.” Allora stared straight ahead as she started to space off. Her normally bubbly mood was replaced by a quiet and hard expression. It was as if she was fighting a mental battle with herself. Truth is that was exactly what she was doing. Allora never had the chance to mourn her sister’s death and the thought of it always brought tears to her eyes. Tears that she didn’t want the others to see. “Now that I have found the Gold Tribe………………..I intend to find my parents.” Those were the last words she spoke before falling silent.