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    Well everyone it's been a while. School has been increasingly time consuming and I have some time so I want to do this. So let the fun start again!

    Part Unicorn

    I have the strangest feeling that I've been here for a long time

    Yay story time

    Falcon Pawnch!!!

    Make up your mind!

    I like my bird medium rare

    Wait did he just use logic?

    I love this turtle!


    Let's a go

    Yeah still cool

    Oh you know

    I do what I want

    Eh still kinda cool

    Calm down Bro!

    Nom nom nom

    Well thats nice


    I just killed the dead with fire!

    Um le no

    Mc Hammer is still a Murderturtle!

    Pierce those heavens Necro!!!

    Oh no! He has a cape!

    But Necro knows the drill!

    Wait two people who use logic! What is this sorcery!

    Still a little freaked out by Conga!

    Well thats nice

    Looks like they can't handle the music!

    Maybe there cold?


    Still not over how funny he looks

    You don't hassle the HOFF! Ever!

    Well can you whistle up a windstorm?

    Looks like I'm just cooler than you!

    This is where hassling gets you!

    I made it!!!

    Let's go get us some more Mariomon!

    It's a flower

    Up to you guys

    Joy! this thing!

    Wait people?!?!?! Yeah he stays in the box!

    Have fun

    He looks crabby!

    He really is just a crab! It's up to you what to name him!

    Baby Wigi time

    I always did like Luigi better!

    You know what to do

    I have found the legendary duo

    What a baby

    You can do it

    If you like what you see

    Then just tell me!

    Chaos out!