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    I'm breaking this post into two parts. Part 1, I'm answering your posts and stuff. Part 2, I'm contributing new stuff.
    Originally Posted by jespoke View Post
    So we are 7/8 now. Lets see how this works out :) Most of the list (If not all) are people who talk in the CI&D regularly, with i personally like :D
    Woohoo, you like us! We like you too.
    Well lets get started then, with my question i started on in the CI&D:

    What does segmented mean? I guessed that you record small pieces separately, and end up with a complete playthrough, but i wanted it confirmed. This allows for doing a segment over and over 'till you get that deciding crit.

    While i wrote that, and the more details i added to it, the more sure i became that that was the right answer. Am i right? :cheeky:

    Yeah, you're right. Segmented just means that they did it with saving the game, and if something that they didn't like happened, they could reload from last save. There are records for segmented runs and nonsegmented runs, some games just have one or the other, some have both. My thinking is that we go for the nonsegmented run first. This record is 2:39. If we can beat this by like half an hour, but still can't beat the 1:59 mark, then we just segment our run. I'm sure we can save a few minutes by doing this...

    I've started my research! (When i get worked up about something, i do a whole lot for it. Expect some more on my completely free tomorrow :cool:):

    - 1st Gen has 3 Pokemon in the "Fast" Exp group: Chansey, Wigglytuff and Clefable. Chansey is too weak and rare, Wigglytuff has bad moves, but Clefable is viable.
    - Obvious maybe, but the starters are perfect for this. Good stats and moves. All in the medium slow experience group, with needs less exp than medium fast until lv 68, making it better for this.
    The only problem with Clefable is that its really hard to catch. Clefairy is really rare in Mt. Moon, and I'm pretty sure it has a really low catch rate when you do find it. As for the starters: Bulbasaur would be all right if there was an easy way to train him up to lv. 13, when he learns Vine Whip. That's the only easy way to beat Brock. If someone thinks that this would be worth it, that Venusaur's high special will save enough time that you'll need to use at the beginning, then go ahead. For Charmander, the only problem is Brock. If you get a Charmander, there is no easy way to beat Brock. You'd have to either catch a Caterpie and evolve it to Butterfree to teach it Confusion, or catch a Mankey and level it to 9 to teach it Low Kick. Squirtle, however, is a viable Pokemon to use.
    Bolded my comments for you
    Originally Posted by InfernoRogue View Post
    I've got working cartridges of Red, Blue, and possibly Crystal. (iirc?) If saving isn't a factor during a run, then I also have Gold and two Silvers. For later gens, I've also got pretty much every main series game except for Platinum and Black.
    My only problem is that I don't have a camcorder or anything. And I'm not exactly sure how well my webcam would suffice, especially when it is implanted into the screen of my laptop. I'd have to literally flip my laptop towards the game and somehow manage to get a good camera shot, which is pretty darn hard. :/
    I can borrow one of my friends' Red Versions. As for recording, I have a camcorder and stuff, if it comes down to it, I can get a friend to hold it for me or something.
    Originally Posted by EternalLoathing View Post
    IF we doing Speed RU,Bulbasaur's the best,super effective against 2 first gyms,and good against Surge
    See above comment.

    Originally Posted by jespoke View Post
    Some small seconds you can gain thousands of:

    - High speed and attack/special is handy, as it makes battles go far faster than with defensive build pokemon.
    - Battle animations off
    - Use repels
    - Use healing items rather than going back
    - Don't alter your path to get an extra potion, poke ball etc.
    - Buy many items at a time
    - Choose Max repel over super repel etc.
    The way I see it, this should be broken down into 4 phases.
    -Phase 1: We, for the most part, get the Pokemon we're going to use, including movesets.
    -Phase 2: We do initial testing, and learn exactly which moves to use on which Pokemon, which trainers to avoid, etc. I'll show you an example of what I thought of.
    -Phase 3: We focus on items. We determine exactly what items to pick up, and which items to buy from marts. This includes Repels. If we determine that you need a combined 12 repels before you get to a city with super repels, then by all means, go ahead and buy 12 repels, if you can afford it.
    -Phase 4: All the research is done. We grab a camcorder and begin attempting solid run throughs, until we beat the record!
    Originally Posted by EternalLoathing View Post
    I guess emu woulld be okay with exceptions of the SPEED button
    Although I'm pretty sure that emulators are all right to use, I'd much rather use a cartridge. Its just more official that way.

    Originally Posted by Porygon Z View Post
    I'm with this!
    Can I do this Guinness on emulators?
    Yup you can. If you don't have a MSN account, make one and send me the email address. Hopefully, this will be how we stay in contact with each other.
    Originally Posted by EternalLoathing View Post
    I only have cartridges of DPPt,HgSs and BW
    If we beat this record, these cartridges might come in handy down the road.
    Originally Posted by jdthebud View Post
    The best Pokemon for a segmented run is Blastoise. why? Mega Punch/Dig take care of Misty and Surge, and after those gyms he gets overleveled. In the Elite Four, he learns Ice Beam and Fissure (with X Accuracys), as well as Surf. That coupled with saving for the segments...

    Really, the tough part is the beginning. You need to get a somewhat high IV squirtle, i believe, which can make for some initial resets and testing.

    once you get to Celedon City, the battles get easier, and it becomes more about taking the right path and managing healing, etc.

    I would strongly encourage watching the 1:59 run that's posted on Speed Demos Archive.

    These runs also include notes by the guy running it, which could be helpful for noobs at this like me. There's a lot of planning involved, especially with paths and stuff.

    I have to say that it will be incredibly difficult to beat the times listed, but since these aren't official Guinness WR (IIRC)....

    oh, and I have a Blue cart and Pocket Gameboy. I have to wonder what the method for capturing the video will be.
    I agree with jd, watch the videos. I don't know how high IV you need a Squirtle, but in my Nidoran M run, I've got a Squirtle who can 3 hit both of Brock's Pokemon (I think). And this is fairly low leveled, considering that Nidoran M was getting some of the exp too. Also, I'm pretty sure everyone's run gets easier at Celedon. You can either learn Ice Beam, Rock Slide, Tri Attack, Mega Drain, and very very shortly after entering Celedon, Psychic. Seems like that benefits almost all the Pokemon (Maybe not electric types so much...)
    Originally Posted by jespoke View Post
    I just thought: Is a solo that much faster than a duo with types that compliment each other? I mean, the 1.59 looses some time on 3/4HKO's in Gym/Rival Battles and 2HKO's that could be OHKO's :/
    I think it probably is, especially near the end of the game. Almost all the Pokemon we're considering have really good type coverage (other than Kadabra). Nidoking has Rock Slide, EQ, BoltBeam, Surf, and Body Slam/Strength/Mega Punch/Hyper Beam. Blastoise has Surf, Ice Beam, EQ/Fissure, and the previously mentioned normal type attacks. Kadabra, although lacking in type coverage, makes up for it by having a ridiculously high Special. He can also learn moves like Body Slam or Mega Punch for when he's up against another Psychic type. It will be crappy attack vs. crappy defense, so he might actually be able to one hit someone there.

    I will say though, I think its all right to use a select few 'back up' Pokemon. I think probably Zapdos, Moltres, and possibly Snorlax are it, though. IIRC, Zapdos was used in the 1:59 record run. But all of these Pokemon (with the exception of maybe Snorlax) don't need any experience to be good. You just get them, slap on maybe one or two TMs, and they're ready for the Elite Four.
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