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Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
Mhm, thanks. In all honesty, I'm not actually copying anyone. Most ideas are by myself and Chibi Robo. Also, it's only the beginning of the game, it's uniqueness will show as it goes on. Thanks anyway. Adding on something I forgot: I have a spectacular new feature that I'll be showing you as soon as I can.
I wasn't saying you were copying anyone. I just thought that this hack seemed a bit similar to some other ones, not in the sense that you stole ideas or anything but more in the sense that it seems like the same type of hack. Nothing unoriginal just...not what I was expecting from somebody like yourself. Which can be a good thing ;)
All I am saying is that this has potential but it needs work (though that's certainly applicable to almost every hack out there^^). Obviously you're just beginning (that or you're just not showing us much). It'll be interesting to watch this hack as it develops.

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