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The reason for massive delays on updates here, is mainly due to the engine. This is why. I'm most likely going to dump RMXP. So no more RMXP, no more .exe. This is the plan. The game is going to be developed in C++, for the DS. The engine for the DS is 70% done, meaning battling, 3D, and so forth is almost finished being created. I understand that you're all really looking forward to playing Phoenix Rising, but I do not want to release what we've seen a hundred times on PC. I don't want to release a tiny game on the corner of your screen you'll be bored with in a matter of minutes. And so, Phoenix Rising is being worked on as a DS game. The graphics and interfaces you see will remain much the same. However they will be slightly reworked to work with the DS. This is something you will see in the future.

That is the aim, and the plan. I am not scrapping all the work done on RMXP in case it does not work out. This seems ambitious, but it is no more so than making a full game on RMXP. With C++, things will be created much more easily. There's little question of "is this possible?" It is. And I've seen how this will work. I've seen it work, and it's in progress. So myself and the team intend on creating one of the first, if not the first, fan game for DS, from scratch.

This is all going to be made possible by a fantastic programmer named Rafael who I am working with. Let's hope it does. Until the engine is created, I will still be working on the RMXP version, and still be updating with it. I will also keep in contact with all of you about the potential DS version.

For anyone questioning how it would be released for the DS, you would need a Flash Cart, I would need to look into whether I could post the ROM, but I don't see why I could not as it will not belong to Nintendo or any other games company. However, we will worry about that in the future.

Have a nice day!