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    ⓵ Warning

    After the end of this topic, attention, get your inks and your sheets, a new and great topic is about to going out. This concerns Abyssal Ruins. What I intend to do is write a minimum about this place.
    Your job will be to research to do
    "constructive" speculatations on Abyssal Ruins.
    What happens in its waters frothy and crooked? Is this an ancient temple? Or a place devastated by water and time ... You be the judge!

    A new tab will appear: indeed, this process ALL files on your premises and theories over who will be carefully classified. This ensures a large file with spoiler.

    Answer Topic

    It is Aerodactyl for sure!

    I love the good old time anyway. I was so excited when I discovered that Pokémon! Aerodactyl is really useful for me. I loved its design, and its fossil form. (Thanks to MissigNO?). And this one resist against Sleath Rocks, one of rare Flying type to "resist" against it.

    My second and favorite one is Anorith

    This one is very unique. As the same time, Anorth is bug and rock, and its evolution is really awesome, even very weak against ice. And ice, as we know is pretty useful a gainst dragon and the best dragon killer, so Anorith and its evolution will hard to place in a team. Anyway, I loved its design and I enjoyed to use Anorith in RSE, as Aerodactyl in RBY!

    To be honest, I don't have a favorite one. I love all Fossil Pokémon, who are very useful during your journey and very unique by their forms. Oh, and it's quite interesting to see that all Fossil Pokémon are in relation with some kind of type like: Steel - Ground - Rock (Mainly Rock) and Water.

    What about you guys?