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    This has been in planning for years, so I'll probably never start this project, despite having over 60 sprites made (including backsprites). Part of it is my inability to script/program, and also making new tilesets is very daunting. Anyhow, just thought I'd share my ideas, who knows, it may inspire someone else.

    Pokemon Ambit!

    The starters, Nubbit, Flurp, and Wuddle.
    These sprites are outdated, but I have so many image folders it's hard to find the current ones. Nubbit is the fast one, Flurp is the defensive one, and Wuddle is the special user.

    A Fakemon-only game which takes place in a region that somewhat resembles late 1800s America. Pokemon technology will still exist, though there will be fantastical/mild steampunk elements. For example, the Pokemon PC system in this game will be explained as being a series of vacuum tubes with an underground network.
    Humans are relatively new to the Ambit region, which is a valley flanked by rugged mountains, with rough seas in the south, making it very secluded until a few hundred years ago. Despite this, there is evidence of ancient humans living in this region even more centuries prior, yet they were wiped out by an unknown natural force. Some researchers fear that the time for mass extinction is coming again, yet there are few clues on how to stop this catastrophe, or what it even is exactly.
    Meanwhile, there is a strange, radical group named Team Everstone causing problems. Team Everstone is a cult who believes that Pokemon who evolve are unpure, and that non-evolving Pokemon are superior. Obviously, they feel that legendary Pokemon are the supreme beings. The group was thought to be harmless except for the occassional harrassment of trainers. Lately, however, they've been causing more trouble, stealing Pokemon and going as far as to attempt to contaminate the water supply with Everpowder, ground up Everstone that would prevent any Pokemon who drinks it from evolving, possibly forever. Some of the important NPC's think that Team Everstone's obsession with finding legendary Pokemon may have a part in history repeating itself, with another mass extinction occuring.

    Un-features (that is to say, things in modern Pokemon games that won't be present in Ambit)

    -Play as a girl only. A slight protest against all the hacks/games where you only play as a boy
    -No shinies. Too much work for something most people won't experience, plus, with no multiplayer, you can't show them off to people, lol.
    -All Pokemon are genderless. While the game has Pokemon eggs, breeding won't be a thing.
    -No natures (if this is even possible)
    -IVs are always 31 (again, if this is possible. In a one-player game, having such varied stats isn't very fun, imo. And yes, this means Hidden Power would no longer exist).


    -All Pokemon are made-up, with a goal of 150-200
    -Some Pokemon have different forms depending on where they're found, like Ermink pictured above.While most form changes are only cosmetic, Ermink is special in that it is normally a tan-colored Normal type, but will be a white Normal/Ice type if found in a certain area.
    -Some slight changes to the type chart, primarily defensive. Ice will now resist Water and Dragon, Grass resists Fairy, maybe more.
    -The only HMs will be Surf and Fly. Other HM moves like Cut, Strength, etc will now be TMs, since they are reusable and unable to be thrown out.
    -Sometimes, you will find a nest with an egg in it. The egg can hatch into any Pokemon found in that immediate area, with maybe one or two Pokemon who can only be found via egg. You can also use eggs as food ingredients. Which brings me to...
    -You can use Pokemon for their pelts and skin as material for clothing. The downside is that, yes, you're killing your Pokemon, but things like special leather boots or a fur coat are the only way to explore some optional areas. You may be able to cook Pokemon too for high-healing food items. However, not only will the rest of your team's happiness go down as a result of seeing one of their teammates disappear, but they will also become unhappy if they have to consume the healing food, much like bitter medicine. There is atleast one Pokemon who is obtained via being slaughtered.
    -On a lighter note, you can also use non-fatal ingredients produced from Pokemon, like milk, honey, silk, and berries (from a certain Grass type). The Pokemon's happiness will go down a bit if it is used to produce ingredients, but atleast it remains alive!
    -There will be many optional and side areas, like the previously mentioned places the require tough boots or a thick coat to reach a rugged desert and an icy mountain respectively. The rewards for exploration will be good items, TMs, and rare Pokemon.
    -Underwater Safari Zone! Donning a heavy dive suit, you sink to the bottom of the ocean to find exclusive deep-sea Pokemon. Like previous Safari Zones, you have a step counter, though the game will describe this as air. When the steps/air runs out, you automatically resurface.

    Gym Leaders (no images)

    Name: Avery (average)
    Type: Normal
    Badge: Spring
    Avery is a young man who helps his family run their spatious farm. He has a yearning to set out and explore, and is inspired to do just that after you defeat him. You actually meet up with him several times throughout the game, his team improving along the way, so in a way he is your "rival". He trains more than just Normal types, though.

    Name: Aurora (Au, element of gold)
    Type: Fire
    Badge: Eureka
    Residing in a cold, mountain town with miners and loggers down on their luck, Aurora is a charismatic lady whose musical performances lift the population's weary spirits. With a fiery passion, they say that she tends to go hogwild in her battles... whatever that means!

    Name: Horatio
    Type: Bug
    Badge: Discover
    A tubby, bespactacled man with a passion for nature. Chronically ill as a child, he always wanted to bask in the great outdoors. Inspite of his lingering health problems, he still does field research. Finding a new, skittery friend under a rock or a rotting log is the highlight of his day.

    Name: Quill (like feather quills)
    Type: Flying
    Badge: Plume
    Said to be descended from some of the few people who survived the mass extinction of Ambit centuries ago. Quill is remarkably intune with the land, and knows that something very big and catastrophic is going to happen soon. Using her birds as mounts, Quill frequently searches the canyons of her people, desperate the uncover clues about the upcoming disaster.

    Name: Josephine
    Type: Ghost
    Badge: Haunt
    Josephine is quite a mysterious young girl. Years ago, she got lost in nearby swamp and, after a fruitless search by the townspeople, was pronounced dead. However, she lived in the swamp all on her own, learning to communicate with the dead, and befriending some Ghost Pokemon. She is somewhat intune with the land like Quill, but not at the extent of the Flying Gym Leader.

    Name: Reuben
    Type: Water
    Badge: Charter
    Reuben is something of an explorer slash trophy hunter. He owns a large mansion with a menagerie of exotic Pokemon. After defeating him and getting Surf, he takes you on an expedition to the jungle islands located in the southern seas.

    Name: Prof. Bonsai
    Type: Electric
    Badge: Coil
    Bonsai is a scientist who studies the ocean. She has the blueprints to a machine that Team Everstone highly covets. After you defeat her, they take this oppurtunity to steal the plans, since her team is too weakened by battle to help out. Like in many Pokemon games, there is when the climax of the plot kicks off.

    The final gym leader is a mystery, though I will say that their specialty is Grass. While the typing has many disadvantages, don't let your guard down among these ferocious plant warriors!

    Some moves that gain TM status
    -The elemental punches make a welcome return!
    -Earth Power, which can be learned by many Grass types (hey, Water has Ice Beam, Grass needs the coverage more)
    -Heal Bell, the first Gym prize
    -Magnet Rise, prize of the 7th gym
    -Signal Beam

    New moves, many of which are learned by very limited Pokemon, bar TMs
    Heat Seek, a Fire attack that never misses, prize of the 2nd gym
    -Ambush, a Dark version of Shadow Force. Never-miss moves bypass the concealed Pokemon, however.
    -Miasma, a Ghost attack that has a chance to badly poison.
    -Beeline, a Bug type Quick Attack
    -Snake Bite, a Poison attack that may cause paralysis
    -Slimerize, a Poison move that sharply increases Special Defense, and slightly raises Speed
    -Wind Chill, a Flying move that may Freeze
    -Possess, a move which allows Ghost to damage Normal. Prize of the 5th gym
    -Geocharge, a move which allows Electric to damage Ground
    -Glow Punch, a Fairy move which may lower the target's accuracy. Inspired by a gen 6 move thought to exist
    -Ant March, a Bug version of Beatup