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    This idea for me came when I saw someone sprite shop, and they had a cool sprite of like an unown but super over the top. So, with their permission I'm using it as the basis of the pokemon game, Pokemon Renown. Essentially, it isnt even really a pokemon game, its just an Adventure/RPG with pokemon in it. No gyms, no professors, no standard trainer battles, just a rich storyline with a lot of character development in it.

    The start of the game is when you are still in school, at age 8. You and a group of friends you go to the school with are the pokemon battlers of the class and you all get together at recess time to show off your pokemon. As you progress through the game your friends start to change, and some become more distant, some become more friendly towards you. It is at the end of the school year that the game stops, and restarts 13 years into the future. You are 21, and sleeping in your apartment, when you hear a loud crash. You open your window and look out. What seems like something you only see in movies is taking place out on the mountain in the center of the region. Thick black clouds, and a fierce storm with lightning are shrouding the sky. You start having flash backs to when you were a kid, and remember being read a story about the Renown, the being of connection, and how one day it will engulf the region, and turn all of the pokemon corrupt... unless stopped by a true group of heroes. Without a second to spare you grab your bag and run out the door...
    Essentially the whole plot behind this game is that you have to go from place to place, and find your friends from when you were a child, and then convince them to come with you, some more willing to, and some are more reluctant. The battles are basically against the corrupted forms of standard pokemon, which have been corrupted by the Renown. There are different things you need to do to help/find your friends such as you need to stop the twins fighting, and reunite them, and you need to rescure another one of your friends pokemon and different "quests" to get everyone back together and stop the renown.

    I would upload the character sprites but I cant figure out how to add pictures onto this ):
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