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    The Spirit Game

    Introduction: This game was recently planned out,just a few days ago. It's going to be an RPG game,with 2D controls like DuckTales Remastered,but pixely. The game is going to be a blast for people who enjoy killer animals and somewhat like League of Legends.

    Story-lines: Trouble is brewing in Eden Forest,your pack's territory;another wolf pack has infested itself somewhere in the forest,and as one of it's proud members,it's up to you to track them down with your rival,and,at the very least,try to wreck havoc in their clan. But when you follow them to a secret ancient ruin they just discovered,a shining stone blinds all of you;when you wake up at last,you are lost and only with one of the wolves from the other pack. And guess what? Well,do you believe in magic? Because you have it now.

    Fer - The Male Protagonist;He will be your proud rival in the clan if you choose Hei.
    Best Stat: Speed;Style: Spirit
    Hei - The Female Protagonist;She will be the rude teen of your nightmares if you're Fer.
    Best Stat: Speed;Style: Spirit

    Storm - Your first Friend in the new clan;He's an anti-social christian psychic who loves sadism.
    Best Stat: Mana;Style: Soul
    Evangeline - Your love/hate I-will-kill-you-if-i-feel-like-it friend in the new clan;She loves treating people like punching bags(unfortunately for you)
    Best Stat: Stamina;Style: Energy
    Hansel & Gretel - A brother of sister pair of cubs,mischievous and wild to the core
    Best Stat: Speed;Style: Dream

    The Antagonists of The Spirit Game. Emobeasts seek to influence the world with their special style of magic;Emotions. Each is an Oracle of each Emotion; Luke,Neil,Edwin,Lace,Jake,Rupert,Darcy,Henry,Brad,Pierce,Ray,Cleo,Will,Timmy,and their Pack Leader;Ion.
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