Thread: Fourth Gen: What changes would you make?
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    Sinnoh has such amazing pokemon from Garchomp to Lucario. Its a dark and cool place with a sense of history and the creation trio lurking in those shadows. But it does feel slow at times despite the ambiance. They made great progress in the way of story and character with Pokemon Platinum, really developing Cynthia beyond the formidable champion into an ally and heroine. This awesome character and the new plotline of a gravity-defying pursuit into the distortion world are the legs that stand this region up in my opinion.

    Saying all that, I do even in platinum feel that something is lacking in the story and I've come to the conclusion that its the rival. They tried way too hard to make a funny, zany character and it just kept falling flat to me. His team wasn't anything to write home about and he was just not a character who was convincing to me in this role as his plotline in the story became more important.

    What I personally would do if D/P/Pt were remade or got a sequel is keep Barry in the story but bring in a new character, someone who is not exactly a rival, who can bring some of the qualities he's missing to round out the saga.
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