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    Earth and Sky


    With a way back to land that was once thought to be long out of reach. The world of survivalists and trainers looking to further their strengths begin to challenge the dark gem stones. Each Trainer bringing their best to either be rewarded with a precious stone to take them to their biggest challenge yet while it left other teams in suffering defeat. Within Olivine City, Gelius a trainer who had been to Lethia and back approaches one of these large black gemstones. The gem before him hums, as if picking up his presence as the trainer's eyes lock with the gem, examining it's surface, the flawless surface and cut with no sign of tool marks as if smoothed by an otherworldly being. The humming ends as water suddenly comes pouring out from the bottom of the gem and gushing out until it reaches some form of invisible wall, slowly filling and forming a pool held together with gravity. After the water source stops pouring in, the top front surface gleams as a Garados in jet black scales rises out and into the massive pool of water, gazing at it's opponent from outside of the water with eyes filled with rage and hate, seeking the destruction of the trainer before it and the waystone, oddly lodged in the overbite of the creature, acting as one of it's fangs.


    Out in Mossdeep on the beach near the trees growing out into the ocean, Lin face's another diamond from the lost world, as the object hums when her eyes lock with the otherworldly relic. The surface shines as a Houndoom leaps from the diamond with what looks to be a greyed out Megastone in it's mouth, biting down on it, the diamonds pokemon mega-evolves to Mega Houndoom as the creature howls. Fog begins to roll in from the beast's origin and begins to blank out the senses of the trainer in terms of sight until she couldn't even see her own hand in-front of her face, almost as if she could grasp it as the beast prowls around the field, waiting for Lin to release her first pokemon and what could be potentially be it's next meal. A waystone gleams as one of the beast's claws, a red shock of flame flows from it's breath to give away it's position momentarily as it quickly moves in an attempt to throw off it's opponents sense of direction.


    Orion Approaches one of the diamonds out in Vermillion. Locking eyes with the surface of the gemstone as it begins to hum. As the humming ceases, another fog emits though it doesn't last, as the clouds drag along the ground and freezes a small fighting arena or think ice as from the surface of the relic, an Adomasnow climbs out with the waystone attached to the tip of the creatures tail. The creature looks before Orion as the roars and creates a controlled blizzard in the space it was given. Waiting in the snow for the first pokemon to enter to either be it's challenger or it's victim in ice. The pokemon steps back in the cover of frost and patiently waits and watches for the first pokemon it's given.

    ~Lethia awaits each of these trainers, they only need to overcome the challenge presented to them.~

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