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    Orion Starght
    Chapter 1 Part 1 - The Abominable Guardian
    Vermillion City
    Luxio - Spark
    Arcanine - Ardor

    Orion is soon to arrive at Vermillion. He looks over the reeling of the small cutter he is on. "The fresh and salty air feels nice, doesn't it?", he says with a calm voice to his partner, Spark. The Luxio's white tail glimmers as a sign of affection and joy. As the other passengers begin to gather at the front of the ship, Oakin looks in the same direction and is flashed by the beautiful harbor of Vermillion City, which is getting closer. "Are you ready, Spark? We will take a short break in the port, I'll make sure you and the others are in your best condition, then we'll proceed to one of the dark stones." Spark expresses his agreement through a cheerful "Luuux!"

    ~a short time later on Route 11~

    "Eevee, attack with Swift, Togetic, you are to dodge!", Orion commands his Pokemon. They start training. //Eevee's attacks are getting more and more accurate, even though it is still this young. It sure has a lot of potential//, Orion thinks to himself gladly. He has worked out a few training programs to optimize the performance of his Pokemon. A few meters away, Ardor and Spark are training in close combat. Orion takes a look at them, but realizes, that they are enjoying themselves in this exercise and he has no need to infer. Since all of his other Team-Pokemon are served already, Orion decides to train together with Absol - stamina training. Trainer and Pokemon run up and down Route 11, chasing each other. After a while, Orion calls out to stop. They are warmed up and in perfect shape for the following fight.

    ~another short time later at the dark gem stone~

    The blizzard is howling around Orion and he has trouble seeing more than white blankness. He takes a short time to come up with a tactic. //Ardor would be in advance, without question. It could be a trap, though...// After coming to the conclusion, that Ardor could handle a trap anyways, he decides to send out his first choice and throws the Pokeball on the field. The Arcanine appears with a red flash of light. In the same moment, rocks appear above Ardor (Rock Slide), threating to crush the canine Pokemon. Since Orion is not actually able to see anything, Ardor dodges by using Agility. Orion hears only the crashing noises, trying to stay calm. "I'm sure you are okay, aren't you, Ardor?", he shouts. Ardor's roar soothes him. "Ardor, we won't be able to fight with such a handicap! Clear the field by using Heat Wave!" The falling snow turns into water drops and the ground becomes a huge puddle. Feeling the warmth, Orion begins to perceive the battlefield more clearly, only to see the Abomasnow using Avalanche to bury his Pokemon. The battlefield is now covered with soggy wet snow. "Our enemy couldn't make this easier for us!", Orion mutters to himself, smirking. "Ardor knew that it was supposed to get covered in snow from the beginning on." They had to fight that trapping move a few times before. Abomasnow realizes the mistake it has made, since it can't point out Ardor's location anymore, and punches the snow with Wood Hammer. Orion decides to take action, make use of the wet snow and orders Ardor to use Wild Charge. The electricity makes the battlefield glow for a few seconds. Even though it is not very effective, Abomasnow is hit critically and seems weakened. "Ardor, use Agility to get close and tire it more by dodging!" The Arcanine rushes toward the enemy, jumps around it to not get hit by combinations of Wood Hammer and Ice Punch and outpowers it with his speed. Orion notices that Abomasnow gets slower hit by hit and tells Ardor to use Heat Wave to finish the fight. Abomasnow is beat and its body flashes in a bright light. Orion hugs Ardor, thanking it for the great fight. "You did greatly, buddy!" The canine retrieves the Waystone and gives it to Orion. He thanks his Pokemon again, expresses how proud he is and lets it return to its Pokeball. He sends out Spark and together with his best friend, activates the gem in his hand. "This could be the perfect challenge for us, partner!" - "Xioo!"

    ~after being thrown through the time-space continuum~

    Orion's back aches. He gathers himself and tries to realize where he is, but his sight is still blurry. Then he hears a familiar purring and Spark's fur presses against him, as the Pokemon cuddles its trainer. His sight becomes clear again, yet he takes some time to pet Spark, then he stands up and tries to get an overview of his surroundings. They seem to be in some sort of desert. Not far away, Orion recognizes a trainer with a Weavile and close to them, a young girl. Spark looks at Orion with an expectant glance. "I know, I know, we should try to get to know them to find out, what to do next... But do we really have to? You should be aware of the fact that I usually don't really talk to other humans." Spark stays persistent. "Fine, I'll just introduce myself to the young man over there! He seems to be about my age."


    Can you tell me why the good die young?
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