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    Double Team - Chapter 2 / Part 3

    The sandstorm is still going wild. Ruckus has happened at the outside of the safe place. The people in the inside, unable to move out and deal with the rage of natural environment due to hindering weather are hoping that it will soon subside so they can at least help the braves. Though, for one particular person who has just joined in the group briefly stared at his taken photos during his unusual adventures. Browsing through the image of a blue sea, falling green leaves and brown roads of soil. Eager with the upcoming idea of making a story that they wouldn't believe with proofs will surely made his life better than ever... until a loud noise came from the back of the tent, startling the group of their presence.

    "Purrloin' legs, what the heck happened here?" He scowled.

    Followed with a wave of piled sands, crashing into the rock formations, weakening the impact it could've done if it were a clear hit. The ground slightly raises in height with the nails almost worn off from their pinpointed places, suggesting that it could fall down at any moment. Another roar is heard, he started to get worried and planned on another runaway, even if he's unsure with how the rest will take care of them. Telling his Watchog to get out the place to avoid any risk on getting hit or buried, he packed the photo back into his backpack and let his Watchog to do the scouting for any opening. When he least expect it, Watch already straighten his tail. In front of him is a giant, rough diamond-coated entity with a smile. Constantly rotating the body in its polar, the Iron Snake Pokémon slowly approached with its head in front of them, staring at them intently.

    "Uh, hello pretty girl. How's your day?" He flirted, but to no avail it followed its initial roar with another roar right in front of them. Quickly taking his camera, he took a close photo-shoot with the Pokémon. Immobilized due to the flash, he told the group that he will stay out from battles and probably play dead to avoid the said Pokémon to chase him. Therefore wimping out in the midst of sandstorm, he closed his eyes and let his Watchog act as his guide for the sandstorm can't really deter his vision. The Steelix, however decided to chase him instead of engaging the closest group. With another roar, it followed his footsteps with a wide trail through the sands away from the pseudo-fortress and submerged its way from the bottom to reach his path.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Climbing on a nearby boulder and surveying the surrounding, Chebyl saw what seems to be dire for amateurs. So far, 2 Steelix has appeared; one is now engaging with a clear blue-colored Pokémon and the another one is right now chasing what seems to be a strange pair running away like getting a home run in baseball. Not really knowing their individual strengths, she choose to wait in the spot and think about some planning.

    "If there's anything like any of these to appear, my Lumineon can always snipe them down with a long-range Water Pulse. But the catch is I don't know if she can shoot accurately given that there will always be delay post-attack into the target and sandstorm hampering the vision. Meanwhile, if they managed to find and approach this very pinnacle, a Surf can always dampen the sand and slows them in return. And with Stonehenge's Wide Guard, this area will never get soaked." She muttered, sending out a Boldore and a Lumineon by her side.

    Acting as a scout from afar, there has yet to be any appearance of similar presence within range. Thinking that helping them will at least ease their work on taking care one of them due to their high defense, she ordered her Lumineon to use a Water Pulse onto the Steelix combating the Alolan Sandslash. Forming a water ring on her mouth, she gave an instant signal to fire, and so the attack was fired without warning on whom it will hit.
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