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    Kinn rushes into the tent, covered in frozen slime after taking out of of the Steelix's that tried to eat him and looks at the remaining trainers Orion with his Absol who have yet to join the fight, Lin and Gelius and notices Mello returned. He gives out what sounded like a Aloan Sandslash's sigh ad he turns back around and notices Sparth in the distance. When he hears Mello speaking he responds to her question, in poke-speak- "SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDSLASH!(THERE IS A FIGHT GOING ON RIGHT NOW! UNLESS WE FEND OFF THE STEELIX'S, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!)" The ground-ice type leaves the tent and rushes towards Sparth's aid. As the ground ice type reaches his trainers side, Sparth looks back and asks "How many?" Kinn held up one Claw and Sparth looked back at Sevish with the hitmonchan. "So 4 le-" The injured Steelix from earlier that Sevish dealt some damage to with his Watchdog erupts from the ground as Chebyl's Hitmon Chan Mach-Punches the thing out of commision. The steel snake fails back and smashes Kinn. "...... 3 Left then and I'm out an Aloan Sandslash..... Kinn, Return." Sparth pulls another pokeball out and tosses it. "Tassa, lets go."

    Species: Combusken
    Strength/Weakness: ???
    Sex: Female
    Focus Blast

    Flame Thrower

    Tassa looks around the sandy field as it shakes it's feathers and looks back at Sparth with disgust. "I know, but Kinn got beat up and the others can't survive this except you and him, so deal with it. We got 3 Steel Types left, one of them is getting ready to fight behi-" Tassa looks back and tackles Sparth to move him out of the way as the Steelix emerges from the ground. "-d you.... You get it... OVERHEAT THAT THING!" The fire bird rolls out of the Way As Sparth get's back up as the bird let's loose a golorful flame,torching the body of the steel type. During the confrontation, Sevish's point value increases.
    2 > 3

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