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    Double Team - Chapter 2 / Part 5

    " put it bluntly, I'm actually terrible at Pokémon battling. It's natural that I lost."
    "Said no Trainer ever. If you're really a defeatist, you should change it from now. Give them a challenge even if you're not fit for all this."
    "That's cold, but I'll take that advice. I hope my Pokémon are capable of doing better than today. Thanks for the battle anyway!"
    "Good, now out of my way will you?"
    "Sure thing, may your endeavors be a great one, Trainer."
    "I don't like that call, call me by name instead. My name is Chebyl, you?"
    "I'll remember that, and my name's..."

    The Ore Pokémon keeps growing proportionally in size while enveloping itself in white, bright light. Slowly gathering energy from the core, the spines juts out reasonably longer than before. The Pokémon also grows an additional limb as a result, which also starts to develop the attached joints into a greater size.

    When the Pokémon stopped to grow any bigger, the light dissipates as a sudden sandstorm stir once more, continuing the bad weather to scatter the whole ground in dirt due to the presence of certain entity. She looked at the now still rough, big quadruped Pokémon with red-crystalline features protruding over the body. The crest of the Compressed Pokémon began to glow, while looking back into its temporary Trainer in its solemn state. Just like what she had guessed from before, it's clear that she had just witnessed an intentional Trade Evolution.

    "Right, Stonehenge is now a Gigalith." She said, "And it seems that he summoned a sandstorm, like when will it end?"

    The Steelix, looks at the three with its taunting grin, letting out another roar and charges straight into them. Before the Iron Snake Pokémon can reach them, Stonehenge walked forward with its slow but sturdy legs and blocked the path. The two clashed together with equal force, which disorientates the Steelix way of focus into the boulder, bumping into the boulder placed after its sudden appearance on the first place. Now that it's stunned, Chebyl told Stonehenge to use Wide Guard to protect them from the incoming, big wave attack.

    "Now's our chance! Surf!"
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Sevish, Watch and Hitmonchan looked at the fainted Alolan Sandslash, which somehow got squished by a Steelix who was defeated by the lightning-fast punch coming from a Punching Pokémon. Feeling a little guilty for the casualties that had happened, he said,

    "Uh...sorry for that, we didn't expect this to happen either so no hard feelings, alright?"

    Looking at him withdrawing the fainted Pokémon, Sparth sent out another Pokémon that he had never seen before. A Pokémon based on...a fire bird that can't fly? Unsure but still feeling guilty, he tried to keep his distance and told Hitmonchan to sneak on behind the Iron Snake Pokémon and let out the same powerful punch just like the previous one. Agreeing on such command, Hitmonchan walked on the side and readied a punch that he will deliver.

    From what seems to be almost clear blue skies, sands started to stir and flew along with the winds. He closed his eyes once more and hangs on his Watch to ensure that he didn't get carried away from being lost in the middle of the sand dunes.
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