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Originally Posted by Ducolamia View Post
Fix the slowness: I'm not asking for something super fast, and Platinum improved on this a lot, but it still helps out a little bit if this could be improved in a remake or something.
Agree on this so much - HeartGold / SoulSilver brought it up to the right levels.

Originally Posted by Ducolamia View Post
Better Pokedex: Fixed in Platinum, but could use some more fire, ghost, and VIABLE grass types other than Roserade. Maybe give Mothim or Wormadam a buff like Su/Mn?
In Platinum we had Leafeon and Tangrowth as well?

Originally Posted by Ducolamia View Post
Get rid of Whirlpool: No one I know likes it, it sucks in terms of power, just use Waterfall instead.
The only thing worse than Whirlpool is Defog. At least the former is kinda a fun move and I do like the appearance of the Whirlpools in-game. But yeah somehow its worse than when they had 3 water HMs in Hoenn - I think because in those games you could just delete Dive after reaching Sootopolis City.

Originally Posted by Ducolamia View Post
Nerf Miltank/Poliwrath: I know this weird, but these Pokemon should have some nerf. They are way too strong for their respective portions of the game and I feel, even with my Machop and Mareep, they should have been a tiny bit nerfed.
Nooooo! Miltank is irritating as hell but I wouldn't have it any other way - she'd be so easy to beat otherwise. Also Poliwrath, really? There's so many options for pokémon that can hit it super-effectively by then. Maybe I'm biased because its one of my favourites, I dunno.

Originally Posted by colours View Post
Just thought of something!

I'm not a huge fan of Gen IV's contests. I'd really just bring back Gen III's contests with the new (at the time) moves and leave it as is.

Yes, I have a heavy bias towards Gen III-style contests and that time was the last time I really participated in contests. :c They were fun!
Oh yeah, Gen IV contests were terrible - they basically added frustration to the original format for no apparent reason.

Originally Posted by Meyneth View Post
In HG/SS...make the GB Sounds available immediately. These games are nostalgic as hell, but waiting until the very end of the game to listen to the original music? Obscene. I used my Action Replay to unlock this immediately, but one thing I would have changed would have been to have it included on the Pokegear, maybe as a radio station, rather than as a separate item.
I think the idea is to make you explore everywhere again, especially when some new players might not know about the gym leaders appearing for rematches / trades. I actually liked it being so late, gave me a reason to raise my Kanto / Hoenn starters on wild battles rather than exp. share.

Originally Posted by Iria Animi View Post
I think they should have add more other regional starters as a gift pokemon.Morever they should also had changed elite four's team. (the 2nd time battle)
I'm not sure what you mean here? In HeartGold / SoulSilver you can get Gen I,II and III starters and you can get Sinnoh starters in Sinnoh.

Originally Posted by Radiating View Post
DPP had too many event pokemon, I'd make them ingame pokemon.
There's like 2 threads on this already because its so true. I especially don't understand why Darkrai isn't available in-game considering its a counterpart to Cresselia. Shaymin makes more sense as Mew-esque pokémon (The 100x6 base stats cute legends) are never available in-game.
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