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Basically, this is a tournament in which you choose 10 Pokemon to use throughout the tour, the list of the 10 Pokemon chosen should be PM'd to me before the tour starts. The is an BW OU Tournament, so unreleased/banned Pokemon, Items and Abilities can't be used.

Out of these 10 Pokemon, you can make a team out of 6 for each round. The evs, items, moves and natures of your Pokemon can be changed between rounds as well. After each battle, you are to report in this thread which of your Pokemon fainted after each battle, those Pokemon cannot be used for the remainder of the tour.

Additionally, after you win a match, you may choose one of the Pokemon on your opponent's team [the one they used to battle you, not their whole tour roster] and add it to your own. You don't have to use the same exact nature, item, spread and set that your opponent did, you may adjust these to your liking.

Other Rules and Clauses

  • All matches will be played on PC's Pokemon Online Server
  • No cheating of any kind
  • No rematches will be given
  • It is HIGHLY reccomended that you keep battle logs
  • Post battle results and which of the winner's Pokemon fainted, in this thread
  • No Hax Items
  • The WiFi Clause, Freeze Clause, Sleep Clause, Species Clause, Evasion Clause, OHKO Clause and Freeze Clause must be on in all tour battles.
  • Healing Wish is allowed, but you can't sacrifice one Pokemon to save another, when outside of battle.

Participants and Sign Up

You sign up for this tournament by PMing me your

Pokemon Online Alias[es]
Roster of 10 Pokemon that you will use

Participants List

Max: 16 Participants

1. Kevin Garrett GMT-5 [Confirmed]
2. IrrelevantPride/Irrelevant GMT-8 [Confirmed]
3. Aero,/Tuber Aero/Unorthodox Monk GMT -5 [Confirmed]
4. Vrai GMT-6 [Confirmed]
5. dragonomega/Bacon Ometeor/King Bacon IV GMT +1 [Confirmed]
6. flamehaze94/toybox GMT -8 [confirmed]
7. Conjurer/Count Jura/Soldier GMT +7 [Confirmed]
8. Cartercr GMT-5 [Confirmed]
9. Solarowl/Solar Oval/A Flash of Blue GMT -7 [Confirmed]
10. Skip Shot/EpicMealTime/Gunnery Sgt Hartman/[501st]Skippy GMT-7 [Confirmed]
11. lawrance GMT -5 [Confirmed]
12. Alexial357 GMT -5 [Confirmed]
13. Riptide26 GMT -6 [Confirmed]

Tournament Bracket


paired to kaori & vrai