Azalea Town
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Oooh! This is very interesting! I think you caught the atmosphere of a graveyard very well, and your color choices lend to that fantastically! Are you planning on doing more paintings in the future?

You can blend green to red using yellow! <3
Thank you!!!! :D

Yes, usually the atmosphere I like is those types of Hooting yellow eyed owls, that scurry off when the camera appears, or like a type of Wombat pointy eared cackling thing that's peeking out of a Sewer Pothole in the Street, and then the shattering light bulb with a cat going REEEEAINNOWW!!!!!! :P That's sort of what inspired the Castle and Lamp Post and stuff.

Yes, I'm always planning. Like Dr. Connors says in Spiderman 2 sadly...."Planning is not a major at this university". I just can't get up and do the darn things I want to do. But specifically, I want to make a Comic Series that sort of blends Kung Fu with Sorcery and lots of heavy Mythology. But dressed in a type of Yellow Light City from a Cliff with a Lycan staring off into the distance! It's part of a Movie Franchise I want, of 7 Movies each at 4 hours long! 7 Video Games, 7 Novels, and lots of cool Toys, Cards, Pogs and stuff. As to if I'd PAINT it, I don't know. Come to think of it, that could be cool. Each page done with Paint, Pastel, Crayon, Pencil Crayon, Pencil, Marker, and Digital Colour!

And sadly, that is not the correct answer :P. It's a type of Melon pinkish green. Other neat ones are if I take Red Blue Yellow and interchange them, I get Orange Green Purple. If I add the 1st set with the 2nd, I get BluePurple (Violet), RedPurple (Magenta), YellowOrange (Marigold), RedOrange (Papaya?), BlueGreen (Teal), YellowGreen (Lime). However the 3 that everyone misses out of those 12, is always Red + Green, Purple + Yellow, Blue + Orange!

Basically BlueOrange makes a type of Salmoney Pink that has that flaring hot tone of Orange to it, but enough of a dose of blue to give it that flush Purpley look. You've seen it at Sunset! It's that colour that merges with Blue Purple Orange Pink. And the PurpleYellow mix makes a type of babyish looking Yellow, that has like a pinkish look! However if mixed right, should make a nice flaming tone to the Yellow that burns of like a more cold-toned Copper! Brilliant colour for Lightning.