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Continued lack of HMs is good to know, stuff like Corviknight taxi service and Rotom phone things (it can turn into a bike that can traverse water, right?) is likely what's taking their place.

The part that has me most interested though is the mention of 18 Gyms. Just enough for one of each type! I assume that the major league/minor league distinction is mostly going to determine the rough order of the Gyms. The player will have to beat the Gyms designated as minor league ones, and then after that they get the right to challenge the ones designated as major league ones (and then after clearing those, the championship tournament), with which ones being which version exclusive. So if the Ghost one is minor league in one version and major in the other, players of the former will encounter that Gym earlier in the game and the Pokemon in it will be at a lower level, while players of the latter will have to deal with it later and with higher level opponents inside.

Hopefully this means we're in for a longer game than Pokemon main series games typically are
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