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Posted January 20th, 2018
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i like the ideia of the split story, if it will be two differents ways to take, make sure that will have differents events and two original stories.In my opinion you should implement it to your hack.
Thanks for your opinion. :)
This would be a great feature to add into your hack and would bolster replayability as well as the overall quality of the game itself. I'm really looking forward to this game, Chrunch, and not just because I'm the composer :p
Thanks. I probably will add a split story as it would boost the replayability, and everyone else seems to think it's a good idea.
Do split storylines. It's the reason LoG is my favorite ROM hack atm and why I will replay it many times over. Y'know, going on the "bad" side can be fun sometimes :]
Yeah, going on the bad side sometimes can be fun. :)
Nice hack graphics look great i hope to see more from you and hope to see you stick to this hack :P
Thanks. :D
This looks great I'm glad to see a hack with fakemon there haven't been to many lately
Thanks, and there always will be Fakemon in my hacks. They're a great feature to add originality instead of the same Pokemon over and over.


This isn't the big update yet, but I just thought I'd share with everyone a little preview of some music for a route in the game, composed by the amazing Icεy. :) To hear the rest of the new music, you'll have to play the game yourself when it comes out!