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From Heahea City, Akala Island


Makoa Lahahana
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthmark: Virgo

A vibrant and very bald eccentric who's always raring to go and get a move on, but not always willing to turn those rusty cogs in his thick head. Former Pyukumuku-chucker.

Appearance: While he is certainly no renowned body builder, Makoa developed a rather well-built and defined form which he boldly presents to the public with very little regard for modesty. Practically vestiphobic, he shuns the textile market and seldom wears anything more but his red swim shorts which is decorated with fake leaves that protrude out of the bottom slits. He even discards any coverings for his feet and walks barefooted, no matter what terrain he lands upon. But if needed, he will occasionally don a very loose green shirt with purple floral patterns. He is always seen wearing his colorful shades, even at night; no one has ever seen his eyes or least lived long enough to tell it. Some zany theorists even speculate his eyes discharge an optical laser beam and the shimmering lens on his shades actually filter out this dangerous energy. His complexion is smooth and his peachy skin tone is a little tanned from the sun. Perhaps his most prominent feature is his glabrous head which can reflect the luminous rays of Alola's sun just as well as an actual chrome dome. Makoa has a birthmark on his right arm, which he often compares to a burly scar.

"If it weren't illegal or least inappropriate, Makoa would be a dedicated nudist. And do go easy on the bald jokes, friend."

History: A native to the Alola region, Makoa Lahahana was born on Akala Island. Not particularly wealthy, his family owned a small residence in Heahea City and being gifted any luxurious privileges was something of a fairy tale for a young Makoa. As a go-getter who dislikes staying indoors as much as he hates the textile world, Makoa would often run errands and tried to develop relationships with other people. He made frequent trips to Hano beach to volunteer as a Pyukumuku-chucker. This part-time job helped Makoa to develop one mighty throwing arm and he was capable of launching the tiny sea cucumbers over a whopping three hundred miles. However, his horrendous aim and lack of forethought often resulted in him accidentally pelting unsuspecting victims in the head. His mishaps and antics became bad enough that he was eventually barred from Hano beach entirely. And this terrible quirk translated its way into Makoa's skills to toss even Poke-Balls, making it very difficult or even nigh-impossible to capture even the most dormant Pocket Monsters in a conventional manner. Despite such a handicap, Makoa used the savings he earned from the job in order to fully devote himself to his bigger ambitions by becoming one of the many trial-goers.

Strengths: Despite his haughty attitude and his propensity to superciliously refer to himself in the third person when communing with others, Makoa is actually quite magnanimous and he rarely goes out of his way to put others down. While he is indeed chauvinistic and will absurdly dismiss his faults when confronted, he only exaggerates his bravado in order to evoke his own confidence and act decisively when the situation demands immediate action. While perhaps not the most charming individual, Makoa is quite gregarious and actively converses with others; but he can be a little pushy at times, especially when dealing with the socially withdrawn. What he lacks in basic etiquette, he makes up for genuine amiability.

"Makoa has no weakness."

Weaknesses: While Makoa's bravado does help him seize the moment for himself, it does not help him with his terrible foresight. He seldom considers the repercussions of his decisions or even take account of the variables around them, which inevitably leads him to into heaps of trouble. While not necessarily dimwitted, Makoa is very brash and relies on basic impulses to quickly handle his problems rather than make use of his own intuition. Whether he inadvertently spouts something offensive to an individual or impressively causing an object to ricochet off a wall and hit a bystander, it all comes down to Makoa's constant aversion to think ahead.

An unusual quirk is Makoa's unusual intolerance of heat. In fact, his refusal to wear anything more but what ultimately amounts to his undergarments is to prevent himself from overheating from Alola's wrathful scorch. Because of this, he is inept when handling Fire-Types or any critter that can willingly rise the temperature to insufferable levels. In contrast, Makoa is completely impervious to the frigid cold even in his birthday suit.


Species: Torchic ?
Nickname: IT'S TOO HOT.
Scratch, Growl, Ember, Peck, Sand Attack, Agility (Egg)
Nature: Naive

Pyukumuku ?
Taunt, Bide, Harden, Baton Pass, Helping Hand, Water Sport
A curious Pyukumuku that was unintentionally tamed by Makoa back when he was working as a chucker on Hano beach. For reasons not yet known, this particular specimen imprinted onto the bare-headed lad as its "home" and incessantly follows him everywhere. The imprint even affected some of its natural behavior, causing it to emulate some of Makoa's own expressive traits and even don its own pair of dirty black shades. Despite its persistent pestering and odd antics, Makoa decided to capitalize on the bizarre yet adorably endearing phenomenon and simply adopt this outlandish sea critter as his very own and the two do share a rather intimate bond.