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Little less of a WIP.
Name: Toby Cannon
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthmark symbol: Gemini

Appearance: Despite the hot weather in Alola, Toby prefers to hid his skin as much as possible. His classic look includes a blue and gray stripped jacket, of which he often keeps his hood up. A matching satchel dangles at his side, similar to one Hilbert wore in B2/W2. His legs are covered up by loose-fitting black jeans, held up by a black leather belt. Boots are his usual course of foot appear, but will use tennis shoes in more appropriate places. To conceal his face, he wears a large pair of black lens googles. With his pants tucked into his boots, he effectively only has his hands and ~65% of his face showing, which is Toby's goal; he prefers his identity to be as anonymous as possible. His hair helps with this feat, as it's over grown as it pours out of his hood all around. The little bit of skin that Toby shows is a pasty white tone despite the sunny weather in Alola.

Toby is built pretty lanky. His arms and legs are comparable to twigs, and if you'd ever decide to spy on Toby during the rare occasion he takes of his hoodie kappa, you'd notice that his ribs are peaking out of his chest. As he stands a decent height of 5'10, and a meek 118 pounds, his state of almost appearing as a skeleton comes at little surprise. Thanks to his fast metabolism and the hot weather, Toby is able to keep this body size quite easily.

If it weren't for his Alolan Vulpix preferring to snuggle inside of Toby's hoodie - she peaks her paws and head out of the top, and Toby usually keeps his arms crossed to support her - Toby probably would've died of a heat stroke already. Her temp-cooling tails wrap around his body, cooling him.

History: Toby has a dank and mysterious past. (Am I meme-ing yet mom?) I'll probably edit this as the story goes on.

Strengths: Toby is no amateur when it comes to Pokemon battles. While he hasn't been in one himself, he's had plenty of time growing up to watch and study them. A natural lust for battling runs through his blood. Toby's very own father was a natural battler, despite his methods. His talents rubbed off on Toby and now he can list various strategies off the top of his head, knows most type match ups, and most of all; never gives up.

Weaknesses: Toby is misanthropic, even to himself sometimes. He has just a general dislike for all humans, and much rather avoid interaction as much as possible. While he doesn't hate them per se, he just much rather stick to his Pokemon as he sees them as pure and without an evil bone in their body. He has an easier time warming up to a person if they love Pokemon just a much as he does.

Wardrobe malfunction is something that'd immediately pop into one's head when they see Toby. Who in their right mind would dress like that in Alola? Well, he has one main reasons for his weird choices. Anxiety comes in at number one, and is his number one weakness. Without the security of his layer of clothes, Toby shuts down. His mind races; almost like a million voices inside his head screaming at once, all with a different thoughts or visions of everything that could possibly go wrong. Even normal everyday things, such as drinking. Hypervigilance. Constant sweating ( Well, this one comes with the clothing as well, but that's a price one must pay. )

Main Starter Pokemon
Species: Litten (Male)

Nickname: N/A

Moveset: Ember, Scratch, Fire Fang, Lick, Nasty Plot, and Growl.

Secondary Pokemon (Optional)

Species: Alolan Vulpix (Female)

Nickname: N/A

Moveset: Baby-Doll Eyes, Icy Wind, Icy Shard, Agility (Egg), Confuse Ray, Roar.
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