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    Originally Posted by carmaniac View Post
    Trying to get back into mapping once again, been a long time since I last properly did a map. It is, unfortunately rather empty right now, but been given a few ideas from one person already as to what I should fill the space in at the top. At the moment I'm working on tiles as I map, so for now it's empty until I've actually sprited the missing parts.
    Hey that looks pretty nice! Keep up the good work. {:3} As for the top, maybe add like an abandoned mill or like a run down shack thing. Haha >_>

    I made a mockup of the new starter town. I WILL be editing it and possibly even making it larger. I didn't add any detail because i new i was going to change it.


    P.S. Thanks go to Harvey_Create for helping me fix my tileset errors! :D