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    What are some things that you don't like about PokéCommunity that you would like to change?
    I've always loathed how signature images are allowed to be taller than 200px. I've had viewing of signatures turned off for years because of this, so it dosn't really trouble me, but since you asked, that's what I've long wanted to see change. At that, I'm actually only posting this because you asked; I've never posted it in its own thread because I don't see it ever garnering any acceptance.

    Why don't you like this, if you have a reason at all?
    There are two reasons I dislike it, one being that it's simply obnoxious to have so many huge and useless images on a thread page. The other reason, and the one that makes me a bit indignant, is how it makes the posts of users with huge signatures stand out so much against those of users without signatures that I would often entirely miss the latters' posts. Once I had observed the most substantial post in a thread go initially unnoticed by myself because of 500x300 signature images, I just turned signature viewing off.

    What would you suggest doing to change the thing that you don't like?
    I would suggest making the limit for images 600x200, and for the entirety of signatures 600x300.
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