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    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    The OP already choose his tool. He already explained his reasons.

    Sorry bro, but the STL is bad because you cannot directly control how it allocates memory. No professional game developers uses it because of this. It relies on the heap too much rather than on the stack which is considerably slower. It's not designed for games. It's made for general use. You should read about programming game engines, I have a book (written by the lead of Naughty Dog) that I refer to.

    Don't try to suggest something like this. The OP probably knows his/her options prior to making an engine and they would have chosen the best tool they could have made.

    Now back to topic:
    @Nintendork15: Have you figured out how the red/blue switches will work yet? If done correctly, you should be able to stand on high blocks if you switch it while standing on a lowered one. It's probably the most difficult you would have to add, as it might have to change your collision system. It was the first thing I always programmed whenever I made an Oracles engine.
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