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    Another chapter before I go on (a hopefully short) hiatus as a result of my stupid laptop needing a repair.

    Chapter 3

    We're on our way to Saffron Academy. I'm fairly nervous and for whatever reason, Mom is too busy driving to say anything. So I'll do the talking.

    "Mom, is it true that the Saffron gym and dojo were demolished to make room for the academy?"

    She pauses before answering, her eyes still on the road.

    "Yes, but that has nothing to do with the purpose of the academy, which is teaching students about the world of today."

    I don't want to leave it at that.

    "Why were the gym and dojo shut down?"

    "You know why. Don't act dumb."

    "You used to tell me things about the past. Now you get annoyed every time I ask."

    She looks at me, no longer annoyed. She might even be sad.

    "You're right. It's complicated, and right now I just want you to adjust to the academy. That should be our priority."

    Wait, what?

    "I thought we were were just going to look around. Aren't you getting ahead of yourself?"

    "I said that we were going to look for a school, but really, this is the best choice. I want you to have the best academic experience."

    "I was happy with the life and education you gave me. This isn't fair."

    "What isn't fair is that I didn't make this decision years ago. I was young and naïve."

    She is young for a mom, having turned 29 just recently.

    "I think that you did make the right call and we should just go back home."

    "That isn't how it works. Now stop this guilt trip."

    A long silence follows. Having nothing more to say, I just look at the heavy traffic and the herd of people running around with suitcases along the sidewalks. I hate this; I can deal with our more homely neighborhood, but even then, I only wander the streets when there is no one around. Mom says that she made a mistake in telling me stories about her life as a young kid in Azalea Town with her grandpa and Dopey, the family pet Slowpoke. They were so happy until one day, when she was just 10, it all stopped. Dopey had a brief yet painful death, the other Slowpoke followed and eventually, Mom came to learn that every single Pokémon was gone. Just like that, her life was turned upside down.

    What exactly was I supposed to do with this information? The world I know is a shadow of its former self and people are just pretending that it's all okay. All I can think about is what if I had lived before this ugly change.

    "There is a lot on your mind, isn't there, Ernie?"

    Mom snaps me out of my usual daydreaming.

    "Yeah, I guess so."

    "That isn't good for someone your age. Trust me, the academy will do you good."

    I have no witty comeback, which doesn't matter since we're about a minute away from the entrance gate. Yay.

    "We're going to meet your homeroom teacher first. She'll get to know you a bit and tell us what to expect from your classes this year."

    "They're going to be easy. You've taught me well, Mom."

    She smiles. Soon enough, she pulls over and steps out of the car. I reluctantly follow suit.

    "The teachers' lounge should be near the entrance. We're going to see Mrs. Leroy soon; she's a lovely person from what I gathered over the phone."

    I have nothing to say again. As soon as we enter the building I see students running down the stairs or gathering around each other. Like a Combee hive, so to speak. Mom and I get past them and make our way to the lounge, where several teachers are chatting over a cup of tea - except for one.

    "You must be Mayson and Ernest Orn. Welcome!" a blonde lady shouts.

    "Hello, Mrs. Leroy. Excuse us for the lateness; traffic was awful," Mom replies.

    "No problem. I'm just glad to meet you two."

    Mom's eyes tell me to say something, but I can't even think of what to say to a complete stranger I want nothing to do with.

    "Excuse my son; he's the shy type."

    Mrs. Leroy smiles. She looks nice, but it's too soon for me to come out of my shell. I sit down at the table to get this over with already. Mom and Mrs. Leroy laugh about my hastiness, but then they join me.

    "Well, let's get to business. I will be Ernest's homeroom teacher, which also means that I will be teaching him geography. The other subjects are math, language, science, computer science, social studies and physical education," the blonde teacher says.

    "Social studies and physical education are not his strong suit, if to be honest," Mom laughs. Really now?

    "What about geography? We're covering South America now," the blonde asks.

    "Does that include Guyana?" I ask almost instinctually. Mrs. Leroy looks surprised and Mom sighs. I guess I need to explain.

    "I learned a bit about Guyana while I was reading about the mythical Pokémon Mew."

    Mrs. Leroy stops smiling. I must have said too much.

    "What Ernest means is that Guyana is one of the countries we covered at home, but there is probably a lot more to learn about it."

    Way to put words into my mouth, Mom.

    "I know from your Mom that you really like to study about Pokémon. Right, Ernest?"

    I nod.

    "I understand that, but you see, most of our students aren't like you. They know very little about Pokémon."


    "It's complicated. Let's just say that not everyone is as accepting as your mom is."

    Mom's eyes no longer say anything. She just stays silent, but I have to say something.

    "I think everyone deserves to know about our history, and Pokémon were a huge part of it."

    "Ernest, that's enough," Mom interjects predictably.

    "That's okay; I can answer his question. You're absolutely right that history is important, as far as the past is relevant to the present. Sadly, Pokémon are gone and have nothing to do with the world anymore. So the kids of today are better off learning other things and not worrying about the past."

    Mom gives me piercing eyes. She knows that I want to have a debate, but warns me to drop the subject.

    "Now then, I'm sure you want to meet your classmates. Shall we go?" Mrs. Leroy adds as if to assert her victory.

    Suddenly, another woman comes out of nowhere.

    "Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. My name is Giselle, and I will be Earnest's computer science teacher. Nice to meet you two."

    Giselle? A fitting name for a brunette, but shouldn't I call her by her last name?

    "Hi," I answer weakly.

    "Earnest really likes computers. I bet that he is going to love your class," Mom says a little too eagerly.

    Giselle looks intrigued.

    "I can spot a bright kid from miles away. We have a special club for advanced students, and my gut is telling me that Earnest here will fit right in."

    This is embarrassing. I don't know programming or anything special, so I doubt that I can live up to her expectations. I prefer math by a long shot.

    "That sounds cool," I say lamely before Mrs. Leroy interferes.

    "Thank you, Ms. Bernard. Earnest will see you tomorrow, and now there is a certain social studies class we don't want him to be late for."

    I wave goodbye at Mom and Giselle, but the latter insists on shaking my hand.

    "See you tomorrow, kid."

    She leaves something in my hand, and it is the last thing I would expect: a Cubone earring.
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