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"We could try," Kerin studied the necklace in his palm. It was... quite pretty to look at, the transparent stones seemed to glisten under the lamp lights. The gold chain holding it together was also quite nice. Hmm. He rubbed his fingers on the stones, they made a pristine ring as they tapped eachother. Well, if it was going to be useful, no time like the present. He unlinked the chain, then relinked it around his neck, letting it fall on his chest. "Thanks."

The effect was almost immediate, he could feel something... warm. It gradually grew hotter and seemed to... expand in his chest. It got hot, but not uncomfortable. He scratched at the skin above it and couldn't help but cough. Well, it didn't feel like it was killing him, so it must be doing something good. Maybe. Hopefully.

"Help us how?" Kerin wheezed a little and coughed again. It was so queer, this feeling. Was something growing in his chest? Maybe it was like Bernkastel's familiars and he could make a huge dragon come out and-- okay, now he was being stupid.
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