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    The first method of… payment, was the basic stereotypical thing most of my race would expect from making contracts with demons; she would take my soul when I died. Depending on what personality or form that Ashura was in, I’d either go to the Underworld or the Shadowworld. I’d heard enough from the quacks in my district to know that in the Underworld, souls had some measure of freedom, whereas in the Shadowworld, you were no better off than a bird in an adamantium cage. I wasn’t too familiar with the man named Ashura in first the first place, for all I know, he might just send me to the Shadowworld anyway. I waved this option off, dismissing it as a bit too risky, and I just wasn’t about to leave the rest of my eternity up to chance.

    Another one was that I wouldn’t be able to show any emotion for the rest of my life, which would have been fine for me, since I don’t really smile around people I don’t know, and I barely knew anyone here, save for Mammon. Still, there were other things such as anger, suprise, and a whole mess of other stuff, which would eventually trip me up. Before I could even write it off though, she already said that she wouldn't let me choose it, which was fine for me. It kinda made me wonder though, because of the way she said it, and how quick she was to do so. Who knew? Maybe she wasn't kidding when she said that she was immortal, and that she had plenty of time to fall for me...

    The last choice... and really my only reasonable option was to make a sacrifice every three weeks. This could be a problem, considering the fact that, unlike her other "client" there was no hospital that he could just walk into and sacrifice the already half dead people. I would be in the arena, and even if there was someone that was about to die that I could sacrifice, I might not even get there in time, because either the beasts of that jungle or that corpse hovercraft would have taken it away. There was still Fausto, who apparently would be dead by the end of the night, and who I would have to sacrifice to get the contract going... "Whatever" I thought, sighing lightly and moving to lean against the wall behind me.
    "I guess I'll be choosing the sacrifice option... I'm beginning to get the feeling I'm going to earn the title, "Corpse Collector" just like another man in human history... I believe his name was Rammie... whatever, lets just do this thing already..."
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