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    Originally Posted by pokemoner2500 View Post
    I support but i cannot program. And did you say you are doing this in unity. I can beta test but that's about it.
    Yea,im kind of lost on this really...
    I just need to start a video game making team much like what Game Freak is....

    I know im going to need alot of help on this because when we are done making the "Pokemon Battle Network: Beta" mini game which is a simple BN game to show that Battle Network really does work in Pokemon...Like artists(Ill tell you what styles),programmers(Ill show you what to look at for examples of programming styles),story's editors ect...

    This is my life long dream...I really do thank you alot for what you think about a idea that I have given it years for it to come to light...

    Ill make you one of the beta testers in that case....

    I should have some concept art in by the end of the day

    Edit: due to the features of the game and me not having any money...Yes,this will be done in Unity