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Double posting but this is important! Remember weekly polls? Imma bring them back now and change around the rules a little. Any Pokemon vs Pokemon weekly polls will no longer be able to be posted in (aka prefix removed!!), and rather the "new" ones will get this special thing, since the older ones will be a little irrelevant now. :(

Nevertheless, the new and exciting format will be wonderful - it's going to be tier-based. It's Pokemon vs Pokemon, from each tier (and if you aren't aware of tiers, Battle Center will explain it), which may even them up a little in terms of skills/power, and I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to make it an option to include from a competitive POV, but hopefully it'll also drive traffic to BC too. :x But for now it's definitely going to be tier based as I know I can do that. I'll be doing that... later? Maybe tomorrow perhaps, but for the start it'll be NU Pokemon vs NU Pokemon, then RU, then UU, then OU, then Ubers to finish it off. n______n As always, it'll only be Unova Pokemon, so yay!!! I'll try to switch up a few things too, like how Sawk and Throh are in the same tier, I'll try something else to swap them around with other Pokemon that are more closer to them (like Sawk vs Emboar, and Throh vs Gurdurr for example!) So yay look forward to that really soon.

Also I'll keep up the ongoing discussion thing, so guys please reply to them and not just the weekly polls when they happen. :3

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