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    Wow! This thread got a little dead for a while...
    Under the 2 month posting rule,i'm reviving the thread because...Welllllll.

    So I have been making some progress on Pokemon Battle Network consepts,Ill be posting some of the concepts of what the menus styles and also some more on the battle system tomorrow...But for now,The Pokemon Improvement project has a new leader and he's very skilled with programming and also with video game development as @pokefangames and me are going to work together on moving this out of the concept phase of video game development and work on actually making this into a 3D Pokemon game that's made just for the computer and partly because of the unusual battle system that will be in Pokemon Battle Network.

    Im about 73% with drawing out concept ideas for Pokemon Battle Network right now with the plot and story about less then 5% worked on(due to my old laptop crashed which had all my work and story's on it)....

    I hope when we get this finished that you the Pokemon fans will really enjoy what a Pokemon game is where you control your Pokemon and numbers dont fully looks likes
    Just keep waiting and I promise that the game of change for Pokemon will come...Thanks!

    -MegamanDX,video game designer for The Pokemon Improvement Project and developing Pokemon Battle Network