Thread: 6th Gen The Pokémon Names (So Far)
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    Originally Posted by SnowpointQuincy View Post
    Talonflame's Japanese name is listed as Flarrow on Serebii. That looks more like a pokemon name. Maybe Talonflame was a developed placeholder like "Skull Kraken" was for Gyrados.
    Hmm, I never knew that actually. Gyarados was always a beast anyways. I always wondered how something so useless (Magikarp) could grow into such a beast, and in Feebas' case how something so ugly could become so beautiful. Hopefully, likewise, Froakie will evolve into something charming.

    Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
    Well we have confirmation about the other names of the new Pokémon.

    Kofukimushi will be known as Scatterbug.
    Kofuurai will be Spewpa which we already knew.
    Shishiko will be known as Litleo, Little Leo.
    Lastly, Furabebe will be called Flabébé.

    Again, all pretty simple and easy to remember. My favorite has to be Flabébé though. That's so cute!
    Flabébé is actually great! I've never had a problem with the names though, I just kinda accepted them and thought they were mostly creative. Alomomola was ridiculous though.
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