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    Originally Posted by Johnny8876 View Post
    hey everyone be carfull there is someone out there stealing sprite etc. i entered my sprite for the contest OI was having, and he wrote back saying he found the same one on deviant art, so i looked into it, and it looked just like my design but she edited it a little, and now OI thinks i stole it, that is definatly my design. i dont know why you dont believe my i love your game and everything. please dont take away my hard work win, and the grand prize, if you do your blaming the wrong person, i talked to the girl on deviant art and she wrote back to me and said screw, so you obviosly no she took it. whatever OI please write back to me i was so excited i finally won something.


    Well Johnny I'm sorry but i must go with the facts in front of me. You submitted your fakemon a while after the contest had started. It had some x's over some names I cant really remember. Second um I find it hard to believe you made that sprite for malachite's fakemon contest when The one you stole was originally posted on Deviantart on May 14th of 2008 which is only 10 days after I joined the PC and long before malachite let alone the contest. Now for everyone to see here is the fakemon he stole.Be sure to examine the page for dates and stuff.
    Johnny called his Leaper lol. real original. But anyway with this evidence I here by Disqualify Johnny from the contest that has ended.He will not be recieving his rewards that were about to be wrongly given to him. I'd love for others to put what they think in on what has happened and tell me if I'm doing the right thing or not.

    But about the game. Everyone look forward to an update for malachite soon.