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    Originally Posted by Johnny8876 View Post
    dude are you kidding me! whatever you really dont believe me, and you believe a girl you dont even friggan know? and dont be saying my fakemon sucks cause quite frankly yours isnt that good either. second off i am gonna notify a higher up because this is ridiculose, that is my sprite and i am getting blammed by you! that is my sprite get over it, you seem like you dont want me to win the contest or something, so just stop really, if you dont like me tell me straight out i hate fake people, sorry for my rant i am just so mad taht i finally won something on here, and now your ripping it from me because you saw my sprite on someone elses thing, that is bullshi# and you need proof. that date doesnt mean anything like i already told you on your page, this sprite i made was from 1 year ago, i was trying to make my own game, but it didnt work out to good, but i still have my stuff saved from it, like my sprites etc. so you know what if you dont believe me fine, but this is wack, that is my sprite. ugh i am soo pissed of right now not even joking. w.e seriously dont put contests up if you dont want certain people to win them.
    Haha johnny get over it. You were found out and thats it. I wasnt making fun of your fakemon lol I just made fun of how tou tried to change the name lol. Also I believe it was you that was all over fakemon saying how they suck and how fakemon would make malachite and epic fail.(people check my sig for one of his quotes lol) But you made fakemon for one of your games? -_- lol you haven't presented me with any proof of anything. I'm shown you the sprite you stole and the person you stole it from aswell as the date on it. your a thief and thats it.