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Originally Posted by ToWriteLove View Post
Eevee ♂ Lv. 1
OT: EV♥ | 1027
Bold | Anticipation
Helping Hand - Wish - Charm - Hidden Power

Is there any fifth gen legendaries or fifth gen pokemon in general you would like for this, EV trained as well? Trying to rebuild my team. It's all good if none of them interest you.
I'll pretty much take any EV trained or legends that you want to trade. :)
Originally Posted by Birthday Thunder View Post
That's fine. I do not plan to redis these pokemon. They are for my personal collection. Do you want to trade now? I see that we're both online now so I thought I'd ask. If you do, what FC of yours should I use? Please use my black 2 FC.
Use my White FC please and sorry for the late reply PC was down for awhile for me. :/ I can trade now and for the rest of the day if you still can.
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