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    Well since everything was moved here I might as well post my Ultimate Solo run with Ludiocolo.

    Pokemon Being Used: Ludicolo
    Games: LG, SS, E, Pt

    Current Status:

    Ludicolo Lv71 @ Nothing
    Moveset: Fake Out, Surf, Ice Beam, Absorb

    Location: Sevii Islands: One Island

    Kanto Update #2:

    We last left off with me just arriving in Celedon with my level 48 Ludicolo about to head into the Game Corner Hideout. Well, that's just what happened. Most of the areas was easy; some trainers poison hacked me, but it wasn't too bad. Only problem lied with Ludicolo. Since Ludicolo has limited a moveset in the 3rd gen (Other than Tms which I don't have) I ran out of pp much too frequently. Besides that I swept through the Hideout, making sure I had taken out every trainer for the extra exp. Soon enough I reached Giovanni, who honestly was a cake walk. After Celedon was liberated I moved onto the Celedon Gym.

    Usually in my normal playthroughs, this gym proves most troubling due to the mass amounts of status effecting moves (Thank god it's not Red/Blue all over again with that Weepingbell, Wrap/ Para hax strategy). With Ice Beam I had no worries and the Gym was actually easy. Now it was time to take on Koga.

    After a long process of battling trainers and restocking pp at the Pokemon Center I finally reached Fuchsia City, ready to face Koga. But first things first was to obtain surf and the golden teeth at the Safari Zone, not too much trouble there. Once that was taken care of I challenged the Gym, used up all of my antidotes (I must mention that these NPCs get way too lucky when it comes to Poison hax), and reached Koga. At level 54 or so now my Ludicolo had a fairly easy time, although it almost fainted from toxic which only fueled my aggravation. I got the Soul Badge and it was now my task to clear the Sliph Co. Building.

    Once reaching the Sliph building once again I scoured all the floors, making sure to get all the exp I could even getting to the 60s. Twenty run-of-the-mill lackeys later I finally gotten to Giovanni… again. Easily swept him again with Surf and I was soon on my merrily way.

    Here’s where I’ll set things to rapid fire.
    - After beating Giovanni, I took on the Fighting Dojo and received Hitmonlee (Strength/ Rock Smash slave)
    - Beat Sabrina and received the Marsh Badge.
    - Grinded my Ludicolo to the high 60s before moving on to ‘Cinnabon’.
    - Grabbed the Secret Key from the Pokemon Mansion.
    - Got my Ludicolo to level 70 and beat Blaine.

    Now that I beat Blaine and all, Bill offered to take me to the Sevii Islands and I expect to reach at least level 80 or so by the Elite Four.