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    Sandshrew/Sandslash Update 2

    Current Region: Johto

    I started off my game by naming myself the usual BlueSB. I then picked up Totodile and named him SURF. I then trained him up to level 9, and then went to Mr. Pokemon. I then beat my rival, Who?, and then went back to Professor Elm. At this point, I used a cheat to catch Sandshrew in the wild. I named him Edward, and trained him up to level 11.

    After this, I headed up to Violet City, beating every trainer in the way. I then went to the Bellsprout tower, and got Flash (even if I won't even use it...). I then went back down to beat Falkner.

    I then made my way past Union Cave, and beat TR in the Slowpoke Well. After this, I tried to take on Bugsy, but I kept on loosing to him. After training for a bit, I was able to scratch out a victory. Who? however was going to be a different story. After trying to beat his Gastly only using Poison Sting, I gave up and just trained Edward a few more levels up. I then taught him Furry Cutter, and I managed to win.

    I then got Cut, and taught it to SURF. I then beat all of the trainers first surrounding Goldenrod, and then Whitney. After this, I got the Squirtbottle and beat Sudowoodo. Next, I beat Who? in the Burnt Tower, and then tried to beat Morty, only to lose to Curse.

    I then trained myself up to level 50, ran into Entei, and was able to beat him at that level. After that, I beat the Kimono Girls and got surf.

    Next, I went to the Lighthouse to talk to Jasmine. Afterward, I surfed down towards Cinawood. After losing to Eusine, I got the medicine and went back to the Lighthouse. After that, I beat Jasmine, and got Strength. I taught it to Sandslash, and went back to beat Chuck.

    I then went to Mahogany and beat the Red Gyarados. After this, I talked to Lance, and went into TR's base. After taking out all of the TR Grunts, Lance healed me, and I got the two passwords. I then beat the executive, and shut down their base.

    Next, I beat Pryce's gym and went back to Goldenrod to beat TR once again. I finished off everyone in the radio tower, and proceeded to beat Who? only using Fury Cutter. I then got the Card and saved the radio tower.

    Afterward, I caught a Marril, idiotically naming it Whirlpool even though it only learned Waterfall. I then went through Ice Cave, and arrived at Blackthorn City. I beat Clair, and then went to the Dragon's Den. I then walked back to Professor Elm. While walking to there, I ran into my friend Entei again. I then went to Victory Road, and beat Who? once again by only using Fury Cutter.

    I then beat the E4 without fainting once. There were some hard parts, but I pulled though.

    Current Team

    Surf (Totodile HM Slave)

    Whirpool (Marill HM Slave)

    Next Up: Johto's Kanto
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