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    Okay, so I started my own ultimate solo challenge this afternoon: Red version, with Snorlax.

    I managed to accomplish a so-so amount for Day One:

    Name: MATT

    --Got PC potion

    --Chose Squirtle

    --Beat Gary

    --Delivered Parcel

    --Used encounter code for Snorlax Lv. 2

    --Grinding in Viridian Forest (Rest ROCKS!)

    --Beat Gary on Route 22

    --More grinding against metapods...

    --Beat Brock

    --Breezed through Mt. Moon

    --Immediately dominated Misty's gym

    --Snorlax has INSANE Attk and Def, beating Gary without even healing

    --Solved Bill's dillemma

    --Sailed through the S.S Anne (ha-ha), getting HM 1

    --Battled through Route 11

    --Taught cut to newly caught Oddish (Route 6)

    --Went back to Lt. Surge's demise (3 OHKO's)

    --Found my way through the Dark Cave

    --Healed and got to Celadon City

    --Beat Erika and her gym

    --Helped out the Saffron guards, then went to the Rocket Hideout back at Celadon

    --Beat Giovanni. Obtained the Silph Scope.


    So here's my party as it now stands:

    So, Day Two went sorta like this:

    --Taught Pudge TM 29, Psychic from the man in Saffron

    --Body Slammed Gary to death in Pokemon Tower

    --Sent Cubone's mother to the afterlife

    --Got Mr. Fugi's Pokeflute

    --Beat my fellow brethren, Snorlax. (route 12)

    --Psychic-ed my way thought Koga's gym

    --Snorlax learned Hyper Beam (C. Falcon says, "YESZ!")

    --Got HM 03 & Gold Teeth in Safari Zone

    --Gave Gold Teeth to the Warden. Got HM 04.

    --Taught HM's 03 & 04 to Squirtle

    --Caught a Spearow on Route 16 (nicknamed "Flyer")

    --Got HM 02 (delaaayed) and taught it to Flyer

    --Entered Silph Co. Got the Card key.

    --Zoomed through, defeated Gary and Giovanni, and got the Master Ball

    --Tossed the Master Ball (lolz)

    --Psyched out Sabrina

    --Surfed on to Cinnabar Island, entering the Pokemon Mansion

    --Obtained the Secret Key

    --Beat Blaine

    --Flew to Viridian and entered Giovanni's gym. Kicked major butt.


    --Beat Gary on Route 22...again.

    --Entered Victory Road

    --Defeated Moltres

    --Indigo Plateau Reached


    Aaaaand my party right before the Elite Four:


    The Elite Four:

    So, my battle with the Elite Four was managable.

    I can't even remember what happened with Lorelei...It was all a jumbled mess of random attacks, figuring out how much damage certain attacks did, etc.

    Bruno was really easy. Phychics on the fighting types, Ice Beam on the Onix's. All OHKO's except Machamp who, after being hit with a Phychic, managed to kill himself with submission (having close to no HP beforehand)

    Agatha was a bit annoying as always. Her speed got the best of me, putting me asleep for a few turns. But I kept Pudge awake with the Poke Flute. Eventually Pudge annialated her with his awesome mindgames. (SSBM reference. If you don't know it, remember: Google is your friend)

    Lance? Easy shmeezy...only his Gyarados and Aerodactyl did any real damage (both emphasized Hyper Beam just a tad). The dragons were done at turn 1. Thank you Ice Beam!

    Gary. The nemesis. Pideot? Ice Beamed. Alakazam? He got two criticals with Phychic, almost killing me, but lucky me, after he fainted from Earthquake, Rhydon was polite enough to let me Rest and awaken w/ the Poke Flute. Did I mention he was Ice Beamed as well? Psychic-ed Gyarados to his grave and Arcanine was no match for Pudge's Earthquake. Venusaur got a Solarbeam crit, which nearly took out Pudge, but Rest is AMAZING, so I took him out after that with an Ice Beam.

    WHOO!!! ELITE FOUR CONFRONTED AND BEATEN. Here's the Hall of Fame data:


    I apologize in advance if you find my list of events to be "laking in entertainment" or "not funny." I plan on doing a metric ass-load of these, so I'm trying to get straight to the point. :/

    Time for Gold Version!

    Alright, so I started Gold version a little late, so I'm gonna get some in before I call in for the night...

    Day One:

    --Name: MATT

    --"Whoa! 0 min.?"
    ...Yes, Prof. Oak. Zero minutes.

    --Pokegear acquired

    --Chose Totodile

    --Got Map Card

    --Obtained Pokedex

    --Removed Rival's feet

    --...and named him "Abigail"

    --Got Pokeballs and used code to encounter Snorlax

    --Breezed through Sprout Tower, getting HM 05

    --Blew away Falkner

    --Taught Pudge Mud-Slap

    --Got the eggerz

    --Tackled through Union Cave

    --Met Kurt, beat Team Rocket in Slopoke Well

    --Pudge rolled over and squashed Bugsy

    --Beat Abigail w/ help of Mud-Slap on Gastly

    --Led Farfetch'd back, got HM 01

    --Taught it to Totodile

    Well, I'm getting pretty tired now, so I think I'll call it quits for tonight...or is it "this morning"...?

    But anyway, here's mai party-thingy's:

    The Laws of Progress:

    To get better at something you have to practice it.
    In order to practice something you must be taught it.
    Before you learn something you must have a passion for it.
    And you can't have a passion for something unless you put time into it.