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    Johto Log 8

    Team Rocket is broken up. Again. And this time, it's for good.

    Here's how it happened. I was looking around Goldenrod, and it was obvious to me that they hadn't just taken over the tower; the whole town was full of Rockets. They had locked the Whitney and the Gym trainers in the Gym, and every other building was being blocked off. I did overhear one grunt talking about a guy going to get some spare uniforms in the underground, however.

    From that I hatched a plan. I snuck into the underground and found the guy they were talking about. He somehow mistook me for a new member and gave me a uniform. I got into it and checked myself out. I could barely recognize myself. And neither could Psycho, cause when I came out, he looked like he was about to attack me.

    We left the underground, and suddenly all the Rockets were talking to me as if I were a close friend. Most told me that they had the town covered and that I should get to the Radio Tower. Which is just what I did.

    There was a guard by the stairs, but he let me through when he saw the uniform. Unfortunately, right as I was about to go up the stairs, Danny showed up. I was hoping that he wouldn't notice me and I tried to sneak up the stairs, but he saw me. He ripped my black coat off and told me that I shouldn't try to look like them. The Rocket guard saw this and attacked me.

    Psycho beat his Pokémon down easily, and he ran off to tell his boss that I was coming. There goes my element of surprise. Looks like I'll have to battle my way up.

    I told Danny why I was in the Team Rocket uniform, and he scoffed at my idea. Then he told me he had to go so he could beat Lance. It sounded like he was obsessed with it. I watched him leave and headed up the tower on my own.

    Battling my way up the tower was a lot easier than I suspected. The grunts were every bit as easy to beat as they were before. The boss, however, locked himself in the top of the tower, but the director had the key on the fifth floor. When I got there, the director was about to broadcast an announcement, but then he noticed me. Turns out, it was Petrel stretching his impersonation muscle again.

    The following battle was quick and painless. He had five Koffings, all of which went down after being Metal Clawed in the face. His Weezing felt the wrath of Psycho's Psychic, and that was that.

    He scoffed stupidly at me again, then gave me the key to the underground warehouse, which was where they stashed the real director. I didn't know why he would give me the key until he told me that he doubted I could get that far.

    I sure proved him wrong. I headed to the underground and found the door to the warehouse. There, I spotted the Kimono girl again. She was impressed that I was taking on Team Rocket, started to mention something, then cut off in mid sent-

    Inside the warehouse, I looked around for any signs of the director. However, when I tried to move forward, Danny showed up again. It turns out that he wanted to tail me to find Lance. When Lance didn't show, he decided he'd just battle me instead.

    His first Pokémon, a Golbat, fell to Metal Claw. Then his Haunter lost to Psycho's Shadow Ball. Next, his Feraligatr was KOed instantly by Psychic. The Magnemite that followed it up didn't stand a chance against Hammer Arm. Then he let out his Sneasel. Before I could order Psycho to do anything, he butts in and rips off the Joker's famous line "Why so serious?" What a freak. One Hammer Arm later, Sneasel was no more.

    Danny looked confused after the loss. He started mumbling about what Lance said to him about trusting and caring about your Pokémon and left, looking unsure of anything. I think Lance's words to him were finally getting through.

    After he left, I pressed further into the warehouse. The whole place was a puzzle of doors and locks. I figured it out after a little trial and error, and I moved onward into the tunnels.

    I wound my way through the maze-like area and finally found the director. He was horrified to find out that Team Rocket took over the Radio Tower and he gave me the card key to the shutters on the third floor. Then he mentioned something that I hadn't yet thought of. If they control the transmitter, and they have that strange signal, they could control all Pokémon in the Johto region. I could not let that happen.

    I quickly rushed back to the tower, ascending the floors up to the third floor. I unlocked the shutter, threw it open, and kept running up the stairs. However, midway up, Proton stopped me and challenged me. He was easy to dispose of, Golbat falling to Metal Claw and Weezing to Psychic.

    I was about to reach the elevator up to the top of the tower when Ariana showed up again. She, too, challenged me. And she, too, fell easily. Arbok KOed by Psychic, Murkrow lost after a Metal Claw, and Vileplume, like Arbok, couldn't stay standing after Psycho's Psychic.

    She backed away and I was free to head up the elevator. At the top was a large observation deck, and standing there was a quiet man with light blue hair. He called himself Archer and told me that the only reason they took over the tower was to call Giovanni back to them. I was relieved that they hadn't thought of the signal thing, but I couldn't let them bring back Giovanni. Then he said that he wasn't gonna let me get in the way of their plan and a battle ensued.

    First, his Houndour was easily tossed aside with a Hammer Arm. Then Archer sent out its evolved form, Houndoom, who also fell to Hammer Arm, though it was able to get a quick Fire Fang in. It didn't do much, but it did manage to burn Psycho. I was able to get a burn heal in on Psycho when Archer's last Pokémon turned out to be a Koffing. The next turn, Psycho used Metal Claw and Archer was defeated.

    Archer was astounded, but he realized that there was no way he could continue the plan. So Team Rocket was disbanded again at our hands. Then, he vanished into thin air. Even after three years, that still irks me.

    The director came up to meet me and handed me a Silver Wing for getting rid of Team Rocket. He told me that it was found when they were replacing an old tower here with the Radio Tower.

    I descended the tower, getting many thanks from the employees, and reached the first floor. When I exited the tower, I was glad to find that everything had returned to normal. I was glad for this, because it meant that I could get back to my journey.

    Since it was still pretty early in the day, I decided to shove off for Blackthorn City right away. After I flew back to Mahogany, I headed east again, fighting my way to what was called Ice Path. They sure didn't over exaggerate that. The place was coated in ice, whether in the form of icicles or snow.

    It took a bit of puzzle solving and a lot of slipping and falling to make it all the way through. I even found that Kimono Girl again, and helped her out when her sandals had frozen to the ice. But once I came out the other side, I was right in Blackthorn City. However, it was also very late. So I decided that I'd hit up the Gym tomorrow and call it a day for now.

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