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    Originally Posted by Iny Gage View Post
    Charizard actually can learn solarbeam, When you think about it, It makes a lot of sense.
    But yeah, Moves are a sketchy Setting, Although it sounds like fun now that I think about it...
    Personally, I like randomizing EVERYTHING (with certain settings of course)! I call it "Delta Species Mode", after the Ruby/Sapphire TCG. Y'know what, now that I think about it, I should make a thread about it, 'cause it's actually really fun. However, I wouldn't recommend doing a Nuzlocke on it because you have no idea what types you are up against, and you could get Super Effective'd by a Zubat with Hydro Pump early on or something, but it's good fun! However, you can't just set it to completely random, otherwise you'll end up facing a Ghost/Dark Arceus with No Guard, 220 Base Speed stat and Sheer Cold. Also it is recommend to turn Wonder Guard, Dragon Rage and Sonicboom off (Shedinja will still have Wonder Guard and 1HP).
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