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Username: Para
Game: Emerald
Challenge Type: Evolution

Optional Rules: All except for B/W Exp Patch

EDIT: Just beat Roxanne. She had a really nasty dragon-type Haunter that nearly sweeped my entire team.

TEAM: (Click for tumblr post for more infomation and screenshots)

Fletcher (Combusken) Lv.16
Type - Ghost/Steel
- Cut
- Astonish
- Meteor Mash
- Doom Desire

Coreen (Taillow) Lv.13
Type - Fire
- Fire Punch
- Fire Blast
- Acid Armor
- Flamethrower

Josiah (Marill) Lv.9
Type - Dragon/Dark
- Uproar
- Dragon Dance
- Dragonbreath

Woodrow (Zigzagoon) Lv.8
Type - Electric/Ghost
- Volt Tackle
- Astonish
- Steel Wing

Here's a fun idea I just thought of - how about after the challenge is over making Fakemon out of our final Pokémon? It seems like a interesting idea personally and I think it will be something to do that will help to reflect the challenge.
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