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    Originally Posted by Azelf Ibrahim View Post
    Haha, yeah I finished it since I had time off work. I'm on sick leave because of an injury.
    I'm still gonna try for that item, I just can't leave it there!

    Looks like I have two more keyholes to find then... I've got some hunting to do.

    Awesome, it makes it easier to know instead of levelling up blindly with exp. share.
    I'm actually trying to complete the PokéDex too, is that possible in this game?
    Which 3 locations have you found?
    It isn't possible to complete the Pokédex, I left a few out.

    Originally Posted by yush123 View Post
    this game needs to be paid in order to play?
    No, the opening states "if you paid for the game, you got ripped off" meaning it should be free

    Originally Posted by Flame-D View Post
    Their a glitch I ran into. After gaining my 11th badge I head towards the bridge which was blocked by some old people. I then get a text box which reveals what happens even though I haven't done that part yet and im pretty because sure that happens all the events that should happen don't. Im still able to go through the victory road and reach the pokemon league but im a missing out on the last bit of the story.
    Gah another one? You couldn't have skipped the pyramid. Did you just go straight from the pyramid to Hickory City, get the badge, and go up to Route 36?
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