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    The one thing I most want to see in the next gen, as far as moves go, is a solid 80 to 100 base power physical fire move with no recoil. Whether it's the fire equivalent of Aqua Tail or Zen Headbutt, for instance (90% accuracy and 90 base power) or Crunch or X Scissor (100% and 80 base power) - I just want something like that. It's an obviously missing move. And Flareon in particular really needs it.

    Close second to that - the Electric equivalent. The most powerful common physical move is relatively weak - Spark, at base 65 - and the next thing up is Wild Charge, a recoil move, and it's only base 90. It should be bumped up to about 120 (to put it in line with the rest of the recoil moves), then there should be a 90/90 or 100/80 physical move with no recoil that can be added to the movesets of things like Luxray and Zebstrika.
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