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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    Route 504 is to the west. Route 505 to the east. Route 511 is to the north. At least, that's what I'm getting. There is no Route 503, but if you can prove me wrong on that, I want to know.

    Additionally, I checked all 11 Lauren Routes. Roserade is not on the Wild Pokémon lists. Does it appear separately as an Event?

    EDIT: Is this the grassy patch you meant? There are script markers all around it, so I wonder if you trigger Roserade's appearance when you step in there. That would support your statement about finding Roserade there.

    What interests me is the Steelix-looking thing at the Route entrance near Lendyn Town - and BTW, that is 505.

    Oh i'm really sorry of that.
    I got a bit confused about the lauren routes.
    and yes this was the grassy patch where roserade appeared.

    Just check the wild pokemon list of that route.
    I'll check it too.

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