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Originally Posted by juniebug910 View Post
Yeah. Watch the anime Inuyasha. They have panther demons, and demons ARE youkai.

So, Sapphy, should Hyo be an NPC, or can we make panther youkai charrys?
I have indeed watched (and read) Inuyasha, and those were actually made by Inuyasha's creator (who's name oddly eludes me) for the sake of the show. Panther spirits exist, which are youkai, though nothing's wrong with using youkai from other lore. After all, we are using vampires and werewolves. If anything, it should be included as "Oni" rather than "Panther Demon", said disambiguation could thus broaden the creativity in the category.

Also, no need to capitalize the "are", I know what youkai are and what they include.
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