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Originally Posted by juniebug910 View Post
Beacause Sapphy already said I could, SD.

Not trying to sound rude, it's just your probably taking this a bit too far. A co-GM doesn't ALWAYS have to discuss something with a player. Sometimes, but not always.

Now, that my rant is, Kyuubimon!

I'd agree, I really think it's up to one GM to decide such matters, and if the other GM disagrees then the two GMs can talk it over. The point of Co-GM (in this case, at least) is to lighten the load of being a GM, it's a joint effort, but the work is split.

That said, I'm in no position to judge how you and Saph GM.

Also, in regards to the RP, I've created a new post that is a modified version of my old post due to a PC Teacher's appearance.
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