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    Sorry guys! I've just blah, Sorry ><
    I'll start on a script, whoever wants to help is welcome. =]

    Also, I started an IRC for this hack.



    For an IRC client, i recommend Chatzilla (firefox plugin), hopefully you use firefox in the first place :3
    (most of us are using it anyway)

    ok then, here's a step-by-step guide
    If you use firefox:
    1. install the firefox plugin from here:
    (also the usual restart-firefox-after-installing note)

    2. Top menu bar: Tools -> ChatZilla
    (a new window will popup, with an area at the bottom to chat, you're not connected to any chat server yet)

    3. type: /server
    (connects you to the chat server)

    4. type: /join #TouhoumonLunaver
    (connects you to the chat channel)

    if you dont want to use the firefox plugin:
    either one of these will do:
    1. File -> servers -> connect, put whereever you it *seems* to ask for a server
    2. File -> open new chat window

    either of these methods will open up a chat window, go to Firefox step 3 above


    for those who do not use firefox/can't get chatzilla working also is a good substitute.